Rebirth of Light

A New friend and a new foe.

With the Black Reaper sealed, for the time being but still in the hands of an unknown foe (friend?) the group decides that they need to regroup and get more resources. At that point in time the group discovers and unconscious man in the woods. When the awaken him, they find out that he is a gifted hunter from the Wild Hunt. He was attacked in the woods by presumably the Black Reaper and left for dead. Not buying his story but still needing assistance the group decides to hire on this wayward hunter.

Soon after the group makes plans to buy some ebony flies, recalling how useful they are. Also the group tries to get a hold of their lost comrade but with out luck. Making the quick talks to their families and important people in their lives the group decides that the next target should be Ziros who is close to Karkoth. Setting their plans in motion the party ventures forth.

After some island hopping the group finally comes to the desserts that is home to Ziros. It isn’t long however, before the group finds themselves assaulted by all sides from the devilish brain’s brain dead minions. After dealing with the daos the group heads into the depths of a inverted sand pillar. What occurs inside is nothing more then a desperate struggle for life as the group is overwhelmed. Finally, when it looks like Trevan is about to breath his last, he gets assistance from Moradin, with the assurance that his people return the Shovel of Mighty Digging to another group of dwarven followers.

Once freed from the death trap the group converges on the only living residents in the dessert not under the control of Ziros. From them they learn that long ago Ziros was killed by a group of heroes that then disbanded shortly after. The leader of that group stayed in the dessert and their descendants fell under the wraith of Ziros. Now the young leader of this group of travelers tells the party that Ziros is in possession of a rolling pyramid, in which he takes up living. With this knowledge the group promises to free the young leader from Ziros’s curse and bring about a new age for them.

After resting with the dessert travelers that party makes it’s way to the rolling pyramid. What results next, is a fierce aerial battle against the massive juggernaut. With quick thinking the group is able to board the pyramid and continue the fight indoors. However, Ziros grows bored of watching the party massacre his mummies and golems so he takes them to a special place. Once there he allows for the group to destroy his pyramid. Now, in a strange part of the dessert, the group faces the wraith of two earthquake dragons.

After a long, fierce and taxing fight the group is able to put down the twin dragons only to be attacked by Ziros himself shortly after. The group is caught off guard at first by the mental might of Ziros, as he overloads them with a barrage of mental images. Then his elder earth elemental shell smashes those left standing into the dust. Luckily enough, Lucien pulls through with his powerful bolts of energy and tears apart the elder earth elemental. However, Ziros remains and he proves that he is a handful by himself. Finally, the group prevails and Ziros is also sealed away in the elemental crystal.

Weakened and near the point of unconsciousness the group is visited by Halar, who informs them that the crystal they carry resembles a crystal that he had in the past. Though he could kill them right then and there he can’t motivate himself enough to care to do it. Thus he lets them go. Upon returning to the dessert travelers the group is awarded with some gold and a promise to look for more of Ziros’s treasure and give it to the party when that time comes. Finally, the leader of the group decides to teach Trevan how to connect with the mystically energies of performing rituals. Meanwhile, Sieg is informed that the balance of life on the planet is shifting towards death.



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