Rebirth of Light

Dragon's Bane Gaiden

Trevan and Oliver's Not So Exellent Adventure

Feigning unconsciousnesses Oliver kept an eye on the happenings of his captors, looking for the perfect time to free himself and Trevan. He knew that Trevan was in bad shape and the best way to make sure that both of them escaped was to keep his wits about him. As the day began to slip away the two adventurers were dropped off in a warren full of injured and dying members of Krallix’s army. Seeing the perfect time to act, Oliver whispered words of power to Trevan, thus infusing the Warlord once more with the energy to fight. Now awake Trevan quickly scanned the area and came to the conclusion that an attempt to break out here and now would lead to their deaths and that it was better to wait until less people were around. Coming to an agreement both Oliver and Trevan decided to feign unconsciousnesses some more in order to go unnoticed. At this point in time however rough hands descended upon them and scooped them up. Both heard a large raspy voice claim that they would be going to the cells, and soon after be interrogated.

Now finding themselves in a jail cell, stripped of their gear and weapons that two wayward members of Dragon’s Bane pondered a way to escape. As they talked back and forth they noticed a Dwarf prisoner in the cell next to them. Always being the talkative type, Oliver introduced himself and asked of the Dwarf his name and his tale of woe that led to his capture. Taken aback by the conventional tone of the Bard the Dwarf reflectively answered that his name is Aldrick Bronzestatue and that he was taken prisoner a while ago, most likely because he was a Dwarf in the wrong place at the wrong time. With introductions mostly finished, Oliver quickly got down to business asking the Dwarf is he knew of a way out of the cell. Aldrick flat out said that he did not, but that if he was let out of his cell he could possibly break them out, and then that he knew of some secret paths leading to cave that could potentially lead out. Not seeing any better options, Oliver used what little bit of magic he had to free the Dwarf from the cell by teleporting him outside the cell. Now free the Dwarf scurried off into the shadows promising to return shortly with a hammer or something equally capable of breaking the lock.

Hours pass by, with no sign of Aldrick. Oliver begins to worry that the Dwarf ran off with out them. Trevan on the other hand feels it is more likely that Aldrick has been brutally murdered, after all who heard of stealthy Dwarf. Either way both began to lose hope that Aldrick would return. An hour later however Aldrick returned with a rock and some sticks, he apologized to them for the lack of a real hammer, but with rocks and sticks and twain he could in fact make a crude hammer of sorts. Feeling as if that wouldn’t be enough Oliver offered one of the few things that they were allowed to keep when they were thrown into the cell, a Dwarven steel ale cup. Oliver figured that with this extra item, Aldrick might be able to make a solid hammer. Praying for luck the Dwarf put all the items together to make a crude hammer and banged at the door with all his might. Alas after nearly twenty minutes of banging, the cell door’s lock remained steadfast. Sighing a sad sigh Aldrick admitted that he feared as much, as he explains that he thinks that that the door is comprised of some sort of adamantine metal.

Not giving up hope however Oliver sprung one last trick that he had up his sleeve, turning towards Trevan, Oliver asks the Warlord to deck him as hard as he can. Taken aback by this Trevan instead begins to questions the Bard’s sanity, and proceeds to question him of his motives. Just then voices are heard coming down the corridor, and Aldrick gives warning that someone is approaching. Not wanting to waste time debating with Trevan, Oliver orders his comrade to deck him, shrugging his shoulders it confusion Trevan leans back and throws a mighty blow at the Bard’s face. With a poof Oliver uses the last of his magic, to teleport to the outside of the cell. He quickly turns to Trevan and explains this spell requires for him to be hit first, in order for it’s effect to activate. Oliver then tells Trevan to hold tight because he and the Dwarf where going to go hide and look for something to pick the cell lock. With those words spoken Aldrick and Trevan duck into the shadows, leaving Trevan truly alone.



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