Rebirth of Light

Dragon's Bane Gaiden 2

All things are Fair in Love and War

Left to himself now, Trevan begins to ponder other avenues of escape if is wayward companion dies or forgets him. He has little time to think however as guards approach his cell. Upon seeing only once captive instead of two the guards quickly rough up Trevan to get an answer from him as to the whereabouts of his fellow captive. Trevan proceeds to make claims that he does not know where his comrade is and that even if he did he wouldn’t tell. Angered the guards quickly tie Trevan up and take him to the interrogation room.

Once there Trevan comes face to face with an older regal looking woman. She claims that she is the famous or infamous depending on who you ask mage Mystalya. Trevan recalls of a female mage the went by that name that was banned from the academic mage studies group do to potentially volatile studies. Mystalya is flattered that Trevan recalls her history, she however still informs him that she has to torture him. At this she claps he hands and a Hobgoblin wearing black clothing enters the room. He places on a table and begins the procedure. About a minute in to the torture and Trevan points out that torture is not a reliable way to get information from a subject, because those being tortured will say anything to save themselves. Mystalya agrees, but points to the circle on the ground encasing the table that Trevan is on. Mystalya explains that this circle greats a zone of truth that lights up when a helpless subject inside of it lies. Testing to see if this was the case, Trevan agrees that Mystalya had done a good job in setting up her torture den. Once again Mystalya thanks Tevan, then gestures to the Hobgoblin to continue the torture.

Meanwhile Oliver, and Aldrick make their way through secret caverns, that Aldrick knew about. As the traverse the tight corridors, Aldrick makes note that Trevan is most likely going to be taken to the torture den for questioning and that the only way to get to that area is to cross the area belonging to Smashembashem. Aldrick explains that this creature is a delirious Halfling that has long since gone made from being in the darkness. Upon arriving in Smashembashem’s lair the two are immediately set upon by the pint sized terror, who only stop when he mistakes Oliver as a lovely Elven maid. Playing the part as best as he can Oliver manages to seduce the little devil into helping them find the torture den. What occurred during this short trip is put a deep and long lasting mental scar, in the brain of Aldrick Bronzestatue.

Arriving to the den, Oliver found that he was to late in order to rescue Trevan and that he was already taken back to the cell. Furthermore, Smashembashem having held his end of the bargain wanted what was promised to him. Realizing that this would not do, Oliver found the nearest weapon and chased the runt back into the little cracks nearby. Realizing that this den had a some useful tools, Oliver gathered as many of them up as he could and headed out with Aldrick trailing behind. As the two wandered the corridors, they came upon a mess hall with some soldiers. Making a quick prayer for luck Oliver entered the room and put his bluff skills to the test. He found that none of the soldiers here where amicable not knowing who he was, but found that none of them knew where prisoners where kept. They did however knew of some one that could tell Oliver. Quickly making mental notes as to where to go, Oliver quickly dashed off, but not before getting some food. Taking the food to the Hobgoblin tortures, lair Oliver made it known that he was knew to the whole area and that he wanted to see and possible torture the prisoners a little bit. The Hobgoblin was at first skeptical, but warmed up to the lying Bard over talks of torture and unrequited love. Finally after half an hour of talking the torture decided that it couldn’t hurt to take this new soldier to see the prisoner.

Meanwhile, Trevan was taken back to his cell, by Mystalya herself, to further prevent escape the woman cast spells upon the entire cell to prevent any sort of magical teleportation in or out of the cell. As she went to leave Mystalya gives Trevan one more shocking grasp for fun and heads out of the rooms. Trevan battered and bruised notices that their is a new inhabitant to the cell, another Dwarf. This Dwarf beckons to Trevan to sit next to him. At first Trevan refuses but as he watches the Dwarf crack stones with a tiny flack of his finger his curiosity gets the best of him and he sits next to the Dwarf to observe. What occurred next was a discussion of philosophy and what it takes to be a good leader. Feeling wiser for talking with this Dwarf, Trevan once more sought to ponder his escape when suddenly Oliver and Aldrick showed up, with a Hobgoblin. Acting fast Oliver asks the Hobgoblin for the key, but is told that the Hobgoblin does not have a key to the cells. Angry now Oliver threatens the Hobgoblin with his makeshift weapon and tells him to back into the corner. Aldrick then proceeds to try to break the lock, failing this Oliver switches places with Aldrick on Hobgoblin guard duty so he can attempt to break the luck. This too failed. Sighing, Oliver began to worry that Trevan was truly trapped for good. Just then the Dwarf in the cell with Trevan stood up as he did he grew larger and larger. As he strode towards the door the earth hummed with power, the Dwarf turned to Trevan and asked if he would seek to protect when war breaks out and not look for war in it’s glory. Feeling the divine might of this being Trevan agreed and thus entered into the services of the Dwarven god Moradin. With a nod Moradin turned back to the door and with a single swing shattered it into millions of pieces.



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