Rebirth of Light

Dragon's Bane Gaiden 3

Lost in the Depth

Deep in the underground caves under the Dawnforge Mountains, Trevan and Oliver seek for a way out. With there companion Bronzestatue in tow the two wayward Dragon Banes members try their best not to get killed by the inhospitable environment that they find themselves in. As the days pass the three spelunkers face off against many threats of the underground environment including giant spiders, massive cave-ins and lava flows. With the threat of death at every turn and with resources dangerously running low, the group decides to go on the offensive and procure some food. With some planning the formidable duo find a large spider living not to far away, with a quick cunning the group manages to take out the spider and collect it’s body for meat.

After a week of being lost the group finally gets there first break when Bronzestatue, notices that fresh air is drifting into the cave. Excited the group makes haste towards the source of the air, when they note that the path ends at a wall. Wasting no time the group crafts magical items capable of allowing them to carve through the stone, with hours of work the group manages to finally break down the wall. After taking down the wall, the group finds a path leading upward. With some hope that an exit may be near the adventurers push forward.



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