Rebirth of Light

Last time on Dragon's Bane


The group recovers from there fight with Bitterstrike the White Dragon and head of to get some rest, and sell some loot. Lukan points out though that the party has not gone to find out what happened to the village of Frostblade. Sheepishly the rest of the part head back north to investigate, only to find the town in ruins and the some of the defenders dead. The party makes their best attempt to set some things right before head off to see if lord Frost can help.

At Frost manor, the party confers with lord Frost and get him to promise to send thirty men to Frostblade to help them out. They also tell him about the giants to the north but all this does is anger him, he does take action though sending some spies up north in order to investigate the giant’s claims. Afterwords he gives them warning to be more diplomatic with Count Marrik who seeks to undermine the group.

After this the party is sent on a easy quest in order to gain some regents for three mages that they owe. The quest turns deadly when the once more meet those seeking revenge. The party struggles to survive against Ugly, Verma, Eteketh, and their unearthed prize the Dark Pharaoh. Finally the party prevails but the enemies get away. Afterwards Lukan gets caught up in the immortal game. A game of chess that is played out on multiple levels of being.

Finally the party reaches Gadmore’s Abbey, just in time to see them repel yet another invasion. Amongst the group of defender’s is Alex the Bright, a shining and powerful paladin and Sir Oakley an old friend of the group. Once introductions are made the party is led inside to me meet old friends and new. Adamas a group of all female adventures introduce themselves to the party, one of their members is Lenna a female mage that the party had spared when she got mixed up with the wrong crowd during the their last visit to the abbey.

Unfortunately not all is well in the abbey. Refuges from the surrounding area have started to get sick and Sir Oakley is taxed as it is. On top of it everyone is a little on edge to a githyanki monk giving warnings of a possible githerzai invasion and one dangerous criminal known throughout the land as Ghorn the unstoppable, who is being held prisoner at the abbey through a large amount of magical means.



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