Rebirth of Light

Last time on Dragon's Bane 10


The group is finally ready for the war with Krallix’s troops, they spend the day going over strategy after strategy seeking different ways to over come any possible situation. Just then Duke Sword asks for them to come and meet him at the gates of Hammerfast. When the group arrives they are given word that their group will be split up since the troops being assigned to them would prefer not to work with Fruitbat. Reluctantly the group agrees to this provision. Duke Sword however decides that to make up for their lost of power by assigning his own daughter Velencia to accompany them on the battle field. Furthermore, Duke Sword lets the group know that his other daughter Valeria is on her way with aerial support in the form of griffon riders. Now being accompanied with Duke Swords daughter the group heads out into the battle field.

Once the battle begins the group finds themselves once more comfortably showing their vaunted power, they quickly capitalize on their swiftness and catch many of Krallix’s troops unaware. This continues until they meet some of Blackadder’s troops, which prove to be more formidable a fierce. Still with Velencia on their side the group isn’t challenged to much as they push through Blackadder’s men leaving them broken and battered. At this point the party decides to take one of these men hostage so they can interrogate him about his boss. Not surprisingly he doesn’t seem to recall that much of Blackadder, but he does make note that Krallix’s troops while attacking together are actually pretty divided by rank and race. Noting that Velencia is with them the group sends the prisoner back with some escorts, before moving on.

The next the party runs into Atsuro of the Deathless Dragons, he banters with the party for a bit before sending his men to attack. The group quickly finds this fight to be tougher than the last few fights, since Atsuro and his men fight with tactics. Worse yet Atsuro reveals that he has Ninja and Draconians with him, making the fight even more difficult. That is until a new ally appears on the field, with stealth and quickness a Drow proceeds to attack the Ninja, catching them off guard. This newcomer claims to be an ally to the party and seeks to join the ranks of Dragonbane for whatever reason. Heartened by having another ally the party pushes back against Atsuro and his men. When the battle finally looks lost for him Atsuro breaks from the battle but not before explaining that Toshiro has already caused the fall of Hammerfast.

Worried about Atsuro’s words and unable to get a hold of forces back in the city, Velencia wishes to return to Hammerfast to make sure everything is all right. The group however wished to continue on, seeking to smash more of Krallix’s troops while the momentum was in their favor. Unable to come up with a way to satisfy both sides, Velencia asks to leave and is allowed to do so by the group. After some discussion about what to do with the Drow woman, the group also decides to take her along, hopefully providing a cover for Velencia. With a new member in tow and down Duke Sword’s daughter the party headed towards the biggest disturbance on the battle field.

Upon arriving to a massacre the group found a small unit of Warforged tearing through the Hammerfast troops. These Warforged were unlike any of the other troops that the party had encountered before, they were incredibly disciplined and worked as one furthermore, they had with them large massive Warforged. Still the group decided to face down this challenge with the confidence and bravado that had gotten them through the previous fights. Unfortunately for the group they made a more than a few mistakes as they fought their foe, which quickly capitalized on the openings and pressed the advantage. Faced with a daunting challenge the group’s teamwork started to unravel and their assault quickly faltered. Finally the call to retreat was sounded but the party found that more difficult said then done. The Warforged quickly moved to secure a prisoner and managed to capture Oliver before he could get away. Uncharacteristically Trevan jumped back into battle to save is friend, but he too quickly found himself captured. Unable to do anything the rest of the party continued their retreat as they watched their companions be carried off.

Later broken and battered the remaining members of Dragon’s Bane headed back towards Hammerfast, ducking as many fights as possible. The slow march back to the city quickly, became a hurried rush however when the group noticed smoke coming from the direction of the city. Running at a break neck pace the remainder of the group finally crested a small hill upon the plains of Hammerfast and looked out upon the city. What they saw caused their hearts to sink faster than stone in the murky depths of the black abyss. Hammerfast had fallen….



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