Rebirth of Light

Last time on Dragon's Bane 11

Times are changing

Rushing back to the burning wreckage of the city of Hammerfast the party begins to realize how disastrous the situation is turning out to be and the war in the East is all but lost. As the Witch Alister seeks to find Duke Sword, time begins to slow and then stop around him. Trying to perceive the cause he runs into a young boy. This boy introduces himself as Asmos Timewalker and time traveler of sorts. Asmos looks around the ruins of Hammerfast and remarks that time has gotten a little off track, that the city wasn’t supposed to have fallen this quickly and that two dead Dwarves nearby where not supposed to meet their demise just yet. Confused by this Alister asked what could be done, about time being off track, in response Asmos gives him a pocket watch. He then told Alister that time was about to rewind and that the Dwarves nearby would be given a little longer to live and that they should use this second chance to give the city the proper amount of time it needs before it falls to Krallix and with that he disappears giving only one last bit of advice to Alister, of not making contact with his past self.

Time unwinds and Alister finds himself three hours in the past standing before a group of Dwarves. Two among them proceed to challenge the witch’s sudden presence in the city. Alister quickly explains that he is apart of Dragon’s Bane and that he is here to save the city. Recognizing him but still not fully trusting him, the two Dwarves that challenged him decide to follow him to keep an eye on them. As they move through the city they find many dead Dwarves, Orcs and human defenders of the city, but no bodies of enemies. Just then the group by chance notices a group of foreign humans creeping through some of the buildings, trying to go un-noticed through the city. The group quickly challenges these people to a fight and quickly find that these men are gifted martial artist, as the fight ensues, suddenly a path of destruction proceeds to head towards the two groups. When the smoke and dust settles standing over defeated foes is Fruitbat. With one more on their side the group wipes the floor with the martial artist.

Alister introduces the Dwarves and the Drow female to his wayward companion and asks why is he in the city. Fruitbat is fully confused because he was not intending to go into the city, he just charged from one foe to another until it lead him here. Bemused by the barbarian’s response but none the less happy to have him the group headed deeper into the city. As they continued the group noticed more dead martial artist, but even more dead defenders of the city, furthermore, they noticed that weird blades were laying all around the bodies of the dead. Before they could investigate further, they run into a fat man swilling alcohol from a gourd. The man introduces himself in a foreign tongue, realizing the party can’t understand him the man laughs and speaks common with an accent. He introduces himself Kaeru(Frog/Toad) one of Go Doku, and with that he challenges them to combat. During the course of the fight, Dwarves learn to their horror that two other members of the Go Doku are in the city and have targeted Goldspinner. Enraged by this news everyone fights harder to end the fight and things seem to be going in the groups favor when Kaeru uses his fighting style to make himself near impervious to attack. Now facing a nearly invincible foe the party struggles to subdue their enemy. Finally with a final blow, Fruitbat cuts down the fat man ending the fight.

Before the group can even recover from this tough fight two more people show up. They do not give names but they do taunt the party. Alister seeks to ignore them but Fruitbat nearly heads off on his own to fight the two of them. This is stopped by the rest of the group yelling at him and offering alcohol. Seeing none of the party willing to take the bait the two figures give cryptic warning that Toshiro and his army will be harder to deal with than they think, before vanishing. After taking a quick brake the party heads off once more to deal with invasion of the city. Heading to the deepest part of the city the group runs into Toshiro standing on top of a pile of bodies. Upon noticing the group we welcomes them and notes that none have seen through his trap. Baffled but already in a bad mood the party launches a vicious attack only to be surprised attack by a large group of blades. Toshiro then explains that his army is a whole host of possesed blades and then proceeds to launch his counter attack in earnest against the party. Battered by all sides the party quickly found themselves losing steam and quickly not willing to give up however the party launches one desperate attack after another hoping to to over come the army of blades. Luck smiles on the party as they launch into a last ditch frenzy of attack using the stalwart Dwarves as shields and Fruitbat as the blade, the party managed to push through and defeat Toshiro. Shocked by his defeat Toshiro and his blades fall lifeless, but still from his mouth he speaks to them that they are doomed. That Krallix is holding his most powerful weapon for last, and that even though he did not want to use it right away he would if the city had not fallen in an hour and with that Toshiro spoke no more. Tired but worried the group rushed through the city to find survivors, Goldspinner and then mount a counter attack, all before Krallix could release his doomsday weapon.



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