Rebirth of Light

Last time on Dragon's Bane 13

The Long March

With Hammerfast fallen the party quickly seeks a way to catch their breath and recover from the lost that they had been dealt. Finding Lord Sword as swiftly as possible they learn that his forces have been smashed back too, this has led him to consider splitting his forces to cause a diversion. With one group delaying Krallix’s army, a group of injured could retreat, meanwhile Lord Sword would seek the help of the Witch Queen to the North while the party would head south to Glimmerpeak. Not seeing much options then this the party heads out with their new Dwarven companions in tow. Seeing this as a perfect time to gain some favors, Alister the Witch asked Blackrock to revive some of the fallen at the behest of the families willing to offer some sort of service. Blackrock agreed to revive one, much to the ire of Alister, who none the less agrees to the terms. After reviving one of the young Dwarves the family offer their other son for service.

The next day the party heads out by boat heading south the Glimmerpeak, with a group of a hundred soldiers in tow. Once more the party learns why having minions doesn’t last long when they are ambushed by Sasori. During the brief back and forth between the party and Sasori, Alister casts a spell on her that forces her to leave the battlefield but not before warning them that there is an ambush up ahead. When the party is finally ambushed things go bad when they find out the water elements unsurprisingly have and advantage in the water. During the fight Alister blows away the young boy under his care and sends him to a watery grave. After the fight the party and the soldiers finally make land fall, with only five members lost out of a hundred the whole group feels good.

During the night the party sets up different watches while, Alister sneaks off to pray to the moon and the newly acquired female Drow disgusts many of the Dwarven men by changing in front of them. Later that same night as Alister returns to the party he notices that more than a few Dwarven centuries are standing still watching the fire not making a sound, curious as to why this is he gathers his party and some Dwarves and investigates. What they then find sends shivers coursing through their entire body, most of the Dwarves are dead. Sounding an alarm the group calls for all the remaining Dwarves to gather up the bodies and examine them. One old Dwarven doctor notices that each of the Dwarves attacked has what appears to be a bite mark on their neck. Quickly Dragon’s Bane pours over their combined knowledge but can not think of what could cause these wounds. Now paranoid the party orders an enclosed group with large various shifts with every one watching each other. No other Dwarves died that night but they had still lost another thirty-six brave warriors.

During the day the party gets a hold of Charlie and ask him how, what could be the cause of it. Baffled by the mixed descriptions received, Charlies promises to look into it and get back with the party later in the day. With that out of the way the group continues to head forward until they come to a perfect spot for an ambush, worried that they might get caught from enemies above the Dwarven Doctor suggests that the two fliers of Dragon’s Bane seek out a way to flushing any ambushes out. Sure enough they do in fact discover some men perched on the ledges with arrows, waiting to rain down death. With decisive action the party pounces on the would be ambushers before they can fire off to many arrows, still the arrows they do fire off cause explosions and drops some rocks on the Dwarven warriors. Suspicious that this could be a trap Alister flies back to check on the Dwarves only to find the Doctor treating an injured Dwarf. Landing Alister quickly asks what happened and the Doctor explains something came out of the cracks and killed some Dwarves. Soon as the party finished off the bandits they sought to uncover these areas of the attack. Exploring the crevices they find more Dwarves with the same puncture marks as before. In total the party lost another twenty-seven warriors to this evil.

Now greatly paranoid and with night around the corner Alister in desperation casts Augery seeking aid, he is awarded with the image of a snake, frustrated by this he asks if the party should lay a trap for the creature. After an hour of deliberation and talking to the Doctor the party decides to lay some traps and find a way to determine where the threat is coming from. With this in mind the Doctor also suggest that he checks all the warriors before lights out before turning of the lights to make sure they aren’t compromised. After a through examination he declares every one is good to go and the lights are put out. The party makes a special gesture letting every one else know that they are okay, most of the Dwarves do not make the gesture. Panicking the party re-lights the lights and checks on the Dwarves most of which are dead. Now completely paranoid Alister order everything be burned including the food. With some hesitance the party does just that. Now with Dragon’s Bane left alive with only six remaining warriors the party forms a tight circle. Alister calls on Charlie who gives an answer to their questions. The technique used to kill the warriors is a far eastern assassination ability. Curious as to what sort of technique could do this the Doctor asks to speak with Charlie, after a few minutes of talking with him, the Doctor feels that this kid knows what he is talking about. He then asks if this is the only way to get a hold of the youth and upon Fruitbat answering yes to the question the good Doctor broke the sending stone.

Shocked the party quickly learns that the Doctor is possessed by one of the Go Doku, called Hebi. Though he has the party at a disadvantage Hebi refuses to attack stating that it is his partner Sasori’s job to lead such an assault. With that he makes his escape but not before tagging in Sasori who managed to catch back up to the group. Now facing a tough foe, the party tries their best to defeat the deadly martial artist. Finally after a grueling fight the party manages to put an end to the vicious assault of the female assassin. After the battle was done the party finds out that the rest of the small group has been terminated while they were busy. This leaves none alive out of the hundred sent with the party. Filled with raw emotions and tired from their ordeals, the party heads to the still faraway Glimmerpeak alone and with out resources.



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