Rebirth of Light

Last time on Dragon's Bane 14

No One Wishes to go to Glimmerpeak

The day finds the party once bringing back the dead. Blackrock chooses one of the many fallen that were accompanying and raises him from the dead. This chosen man however is a mere shell of what he used to be and makes it known that he feels helpless as a newborn babe in the woods. Ignoring this the party proceeds to scout ahead for the day looking for food. Fruitbat manages to accomplish this when he fights a bear in the woods, bringing back the meat the party is at least safe from starvation anytime soon. Realizing they are three days away the party begins to discuss the various things that they have encountered in life. So engrossed in their stories they barely pick up pace to reach the peaks in the distance.

Finally however they do make it to the Glimmerpeak and once there begin to restock much to the ire of the Dwarves that maintain the hold. Still though these Dwarves let it be known that they are honored bound to provide assistance to the party and the small force sent to them. They are however surprised that the force entails only one extra person though and ask what has happened to the rest of the group. To this question the party asks their own instead, asking how to get under the Dawnforge mountains. Now with their cackles raised the Dwarves let it be known that there is no way to the Dawnforge mountains from here, at least not anymore. This results in the group further asking what the Dwarves mean before getting out of them that there is a door that links the two mountains but that the door has been enchanted and sealed permanently shut.

Not letting a little thing like a magically sealed door shut, put a damper on their mood the group quickly asks if there is any sort of magic items nearby. The Dwarves inform them that indeed that there are some treasures nearby but that they are sealed away and most likely trapped. Thinking of the treasure Fruitbat agrees to head down in order to recover the stuff. After two hours of dodging traps and nearly being killed by everything, the party had finally exhausted the arsenal of the dungeon. At the end of this death trap lay three sarcophagus. With words of warning stating they may only choose one the party picks the least threatening looking figure on the statue. This of course triggers one last trap, but the group manages to survive and recover a Horn of Blasting from the tomb. Feeling better the party heads once more upward.

After resting for a little bit the group is awakened in the middle of the night letting them know that the door has been open. Curious about this the party find themselves in front of an open door. Not thinking twice the party heads off into the darkness, pulling along with them the one survivor of the long march.



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