Rebirth of Light

Last time on Dragon's Bane 15

2 Deaths, a Reunion and a Purple Worm

Traveling deeper in the cavern Dragon’s Bane searches for a path that can lead to an underground pathway to Krallix’s headquarters. While on there way the party comes across some Duergar that are working on trying to get some precious metal. Realizing that they could be facing a major the battle the party tries something that the normally never do, diplomacy. Making note that the ancient metal that the Duergar are seeking is hard to find the group offers it’s services in finding the metal. Agreeing to this the party are held hostage until the metal is found, when the Duergar find the metal the let the party out on the other side of the Duergar mining base.

Now on the other side the group faces of with one of the greatest challenges ever for any adventuring party, a creature called a Swordwing. This creatures speed and power make it dangerous, extremely so. Unprepared for the volley of swift assaults the party quickly loses Blackstone, who is decapitated. Angered by this Stonesplitter flies into a frenzy and tries to avenge his former comrade. The rest of the party tries their hardest to talk with the violent creature but nothing gets through to it until it also takes Stonesplitter head, for the first time in a long time the group panics. With two members down the group tries there best to ask the Swordwing what it wants, finally noting no threats the creature takes all of the magic weapons of the dead Dwarves and head off. Saddened by there lost the party marches forward.

Meanwhile Trevan and Oliver search the paths before them scouting out every nook and cranny, as the progress further upwards. Finally the two stop when they notice that strange figures are making their way towards. Realizing that this could be a threat to them the two along with Bronzestatue set up a defensive measure to face the threat. Before they can spring the trap however they realize that the things approaching them is there party. Happy the two sides take the time to set up camp and begin to compare notes. Coming to the conclusion that they need to reach Krallix’s keep quickly the party decides that they will have to head back the way Trevan and Oliver came, Bronzestatue interjects that the party should make there way to an old outpost used by the Dwarves of yore. Agreeing to this the party proceeds to try their best to start up a digging organization to reach the outpost.

Later that night Moradin comes to Trevan and offers his aid. Being the ever hard as he is Trevan questions the need for aid but finally relents when he finds out that the party will still need about two days to get to the outposts. With Moradin’s help a path is carved in mere minutes, leading to the outpost. Not wasting any time Trevan awakens the party and all of them set out to the outpost. Once there the group sets up some fortifications and restores an alter to Moradin. When every one sleeps, Fuitbat creates an alter for Bane on the side of the outpost. Now feeling rested and secure in knowing they have a place to return to the group heads out, while leaving the one survivor from the march behind to guard the place on their return.

Making their way further into the paths the party comes across an unusual place. A spiral cave system leading upward. As they ponder it’s design the party climbs upwards while also keeping on guard. Still they are unprepared to face the massive creature known as a purple worm. Struggling against it’s massive power the group nearly dies, but with a quick turn around they are capable of pulling through in the end and drive the creature off. Never being the brightest Fruitbat dives in after the creature and manages to make a final killing blow, nearly at the expense of his own life. This makes some the group question the sanity of their killing machine but ignore the question for them moment as they drag up their friend. Realizing that they are in no shape to continue the group heads back to the outpost, when they do the find the last survivor panicked over some shadows. Ignoring him the party proceeds to head in and rest up for the battles ahead.



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