Rebirth of Light

Last time on Dragon's Bane 16

Snake in the Machine

The party awakes in the morning to see the last survivor burst into black flames. From his shadow Hebi arises, and mocks the group. Before they can mount a counter attack however he flees into the shadows. Now worrying that they have an enemy that is hiding away from them, the party puts themselves on guard. As they trudge ahead they come across an aptly placed bridge. Noting that this is the perfect place for an ambush they none the less attempt to cross the bridge. Just then they are attacked by Hebi and his ninja. The battle is fast and quick as many of the party members nearly fall to their death but with the brutality of Fruitbat at their hands the party is able to put the ninja down and send Hebi plummeting to his end. Or so they think.

After their fight with the ninja the party attempts to stealth on ahead less they bring more enemies to their attention. Things go awry however when they come upon a machine lab. Examining the place they find many Dwarven slaves that have been forced to work for a mysterious Gnome. Upon further detail the explain that all of Krallix’s recent machines come from this man. The party decides that it is a good idea to free the slave in hopes of slowing this Gnome down. However upon freeing them the slaves begin to wreck stuff. This draws the attention of the owner of the lab. Feeling as if another fight is about to break loose the party arms themselves against the onslaught of machines.

After a few minutes of nothing happening the party realizes that they aren’t going to be attacked. Letting their guard down a little they decide to take the western gate when all of a sudden a shaft falls from the sky. Emerging from the shaft is a Gnome covered head to toe in armor who looks more like a deranged mini Warforged. Instantly on guard the party moves to intercept this new foe. They stop however when they realize the Gnome could care less about them and instead is more interested in the broken machines. He then demands to know what did this to his inventions and upon Fruitbat telling him about the slaves gets very angry. Through conversing with the Gnome they find that he is not very loyal to Krallix but works for him because of the money. Apparently the Gnome has a hard time getting funding after one of his inventions blew up an island and cost three hundred other Gnomes their lives.

This leads the party to asking him his name. The Gnome reveals that his is the famous Dr. Steampunk. Stifling laughter the party decides to keep him talking playing into his narcissistic nature. What results is that they find out that he is trying to make a Mecha Terresque. This chills the party into silence but their shock does not stop Dr. Steampunk from continuing his thoughts on the subject. Finally, the party asks about the western gate and learn from the Doctor that it leads to the red dragon. Thanking him for his assistance, the party lets him know he might want to leave with his prized possessions because they were bringing the place down soon. Making note of their warning the Dr. Steampunk begins packing.

Not long after taking the western gate the party runs into a bunch of Ropers and nearly die because of the encounter. Taking this as a bad sign the party ventures forward any how in order to deal with the dragon. Upon entering a tiered cave a fireball bursts forth and takes out the entrance they came from. The party looks ahead and are numbed. Six sets of eyes watch them….



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