Rebirth of Light

Last time on Dragon's Bane 17

Red Dragon Tango and All Road Lead to Hell

Finally the party finds themselves face to face to face to face, with the three headed red dragon Calastryx. Facing a foe like never before the party is actually taken a back by the beast. Gloating at their obvious fear Calastryx makes note that their Dwarven ally has already been taken out of the game. Noting that he was indeed buried in the rubble the party has no time to rescue him since they feel the imminent threat of the foul creature. Spurred to action, Frutibat takes point while Trevan tries to organize a plan of attack. This nearly goes awry however when the group his hit by the full might of the red dragon and are all nearly taken out from the get go. However, the group is able to marshal the inner reserves and counter attack. Things however go from bad to worse.

Upon dealing real damage to the mighty dragon she sprouts yet another head. Revealing that she is part hydra. Reeling from the fact that three heads were already nearly to much, the party once more tries it’s best and for once it was good enough. Landing blow after mighty blow on the dragon giving and in return receiving massive damage the party finally puts down the last head of the mighty dragon. Spent and nearly broken the party collapses in exhaustion. At this point the ally the buried Dwarf makes his appearance and buries his war pick into one of the skulls of the dragon. Grumbling all the while that no one dug him out. Now facing the extremely, difficult task of taking a rest in the middle of the enemies base, the party sets up camp.

During their rest however something does not set right with the party and they question their Dwarven ally on how he escaped the rubble. He then comments that it is easy when your Dupliss. This makes the party instantly stand up and prepare to attack but they are given warning by the crafty shape shifter that Krallix is about to unleash hell literally. Or it could be a lie… he said before vanishing. Torn as to what to do the party heads out of their shelter before the rest is up to examine the area Dupliss told them about. They stumble upon an altar that does indeed lead to a portal that could be used to summon devils. Now realizing that a bigger threat is on the horizon the party tries to destroy the portal.

Unfortunately for them Krallix shows up with a prisoner in tow to sacrifice to open the portal. Alister immediately shoots the prisoner with magic missile preventing Krallix from using him as a sacrifice. Krallix, however states that they kid had already served his function and opens the portal up. He then announces to the group that they are to the true sacrifices and manages to push most of them in leaving only Alister and Oliver left as prisoners. Krallix offers them both a chance to join his group. Alister refuses and jumps through the portal, while Oliver mulls it over before finally admitting he would like to join but he doesn’t trust devils. Nodding to his Draconian troops. Oliver is carried to the portal and tossed in. When the party awakens they find themselves staring at the opposing figure of a Pit Fiend.



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