Rebirth of Light

Last time on Dragon's Bane 5


As the adventure begins the group has come to realize that the day is far from over. Working together once more they manage to repel the enemies forces. But before they have time to rest they are accosted by a pair of Orgrillions and a Half-orc death mage. Using powerful magics the mage creates an earth ramp to reach the top of the walls. Facing a dangerous breach the party tries their best to push the enemy back only to nearly lose Fruitbat. Finally, though the group was capable of overcoming their enemies and destroyed the force they were fighting.

Upon returning the the main garrison the party was told to rest for the remainder of the day by Sir Oakly who was concerned for their health. Before that happened though most of the members from the group went about doing some tasks. Trevon concerned about the earth ramparts talked to the mages in the Abbey about the magic. From them he learned that the magic was druidic in nature. Lukan sought to learn more from the clerics of Pelor about their god. Finding out about the nature of Pelor Lukan decided to share in the worship of Pelor in order to hopefully one day gain the help from the deity in order to raise his own dead god. Finally, some of the members checked on the Fey grove and found that the cool and stalwart Eldritch Knights had finally arrived.

What occurred next was five days of a flurry of activity. The very first day the group and the Abbey was hammered by wave after wave of enemies. With a little luck and a strong defense the group managed to hold out. Day two started peacefully but ended in a flurry of action as a huge force of Half-orc mages began to create earth ramps from all the front sides. With quick action and magic wielding of their own the group was able to help end the assault before the walls were overtaken. On the third day scouts got over the wall and preceded to wreck havoc among the Paladins and Knights, the party tried to help but was not capable of slowing down the infiltration. The Fourth day was a solemn day, many people felt down and many of the mercenary forces were feeling worn thin from the constant attacks, the party made every effort to appease the people and were capable of a rousing success.

The last day the party faced the greatest challenge yet. The enemies had created at this time a massive siege tower, standing at a hundred and fifty feet in height. This monstrosity was capable of launching arrows clear over the wall even a thousand feet away. The party was tasked with the mission of infiltrating the tower and bringing it down. The party was successful in making it inside and damaging the tower. Upon reaching the top however, they were faced with Gort the Troll and the unnamed Githyanki that they had seen on the top of the battlefield. The party quickly learned that the enemies were seeking to cripple them by taking out their healers. A tactic the Githyanki enforced in ordering Gort to keep up the brutal assaults on Trevon. In the end however Gort killed the Githyanki and jumped from the tower, claiming he just loves to cause death and destruction. Just before the party could take the time to catch their breathes, the tower began to rumble. Open escaping the tower and making it back to the Abbey the party saw that the tower was now on fire, glowing eerily green with. That night the defenders of the Abbey had an ominous feeling.



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