Rebirth of Light

Last time on Dragon's Bane 6


The adventure begins with the group watching the green signal flare lit by the massive siege tower in front of the Abbey. After some analysis they come to the conclusion that the signal might be to warn or alert Vestapalk the green dragon. The party then notices that the civilians of the Abbey are frightened and a little on edge. It is at this point the party is approached by Sarah who asks the party if they have any fire weapons to deal with the possibility of Trolls. Saf mentions his fire gouge and offers it to the lady in hopes to increase its power. Before she leaves Sarah asks Oliver to accompany her for dinner, which he gladly accepts.

The rest of the party turns in for the night, while Oliver and Sarah enjoy dinner though both appear to be extremely tired after the meal and so retire to her room. Early dawn the party is awoken by Ironhide and Sir Oakley who are frantic. Ironhide tells the party that Lord Merrick’s troops have been laid to waste by Githyanki riding dragons. Furthermore, Ironhide believes that the Abbey is going to be attacked in a pincer formation by both sides. He asks that the party guard the gate while mages, druids and archers guard the opposite side of the Abbey. Upon hearing all of this the group gathers their things and rushes to the battlefield as quickly as they can, though they wonder were Oliver is.

Oliver meanwhile awakes to find himself tied up next to Sarah, who explains that her maids tied them up after drugging them and took all their stuff. Angry Oliver tries to undo the knots tying him down but has a little difficulty. A maid walks in a stammers somethings and apologizes before running off. Now more angry Oliver unties his knot and then Sarah’s. Now free Oliver starts to head to the battlefield, but before he can Sarah tells him that she will join him on the battlefield but first she needs to get some things and grab Saf’s improved weapon. Oliver voices some concern over her coming to the battlefield but notes he can’t stop her.

The party makes it to the gate in time to see some of the siege towers collapse releasing twenty or so Pact Dragons being rode by Githyanki. With the element of surprise on the enemies side the evasion begins fast and furious as the Githyanki manage to get over the wall and proceed to drop down troops. The party faces off with a few of these ground fighters, noting there skill and strength being above what they usually face. Still the party pushes on and manages to beat the first encounter of Githyanki they face. Oliver finally makes it back to the group only to run into two Githyanki dragonriders.

Unlike the previous enemies the party faces a foe with aerial superiority. Worrying about this Saf flies up high to do battle with them, only to find himself and his mount out matched against two dragonriders, in the end his mount was destroyed for the time being leaving him grounded. After that the party rallies together to make an offensive against the dragonriders, and with luck they are successful in taking one down. Fruitbat then mounts one of the dragons with out a rider and finds himself whisked away to the astral sea. The rest of the party stunned finish off the other dragonrider.

With Fruitbat gone and Sarah no where to be seen the party proceeds to panic a little. Luckily enough they manage to track down some Eladrin mages who with some convincing decide to recall Fruitbat. Though the mages make note that they are using their resources to do so. At this point the party takes a twenty minute break to observe the battlefield, Oliver takes the broom and flies up high to witness the havoc. Spotting one of Sarah’s maids he lets loose an arrow right into her knee. Feeling good now Oliver returns to the party and tells them what he sees. In the astral sea Fruitbat proceeds to be called back to the main material plane.

Finding himself in the Feygrove now, Fruitbat is quickly dejected by the Eladrin and told to find his party. At this point the group runs into Sir Oakley who has Charlie with him. Realizing the Abbey could fall Oakley decides to use the boon that Bahamut has awarded him, this causes protest from Charlie who knows that Oakley will greatly shorten his life. The party however respecting Oakley’s wishes restrain Charlie and take him to the nearest guard of the Abbey to watch over him. When the party returns to where Oakley was they find him marching to the shrine of Bahamut.

As the party contemplates their next step, Sarah shows up with a big sack and returns Saf’s gouge to him new and approved, she then places her sack behind a large tree. Before anybody can rejoice over the reunion though the group is attacked by two strong looking Githyanki. As the party engages the foe, the party finds out one of these two enemies is dominating Fruitbat causing him to smash his allies. The party quickly proceeds to lay on the hurt against the Githyanki the suspect taking control of Fruitbat and attempt to bring him down. Finally they manage to kill the enemy and he comes back to his senses only then to attack Sarah with a furious attack. Just then Oliver jumps in front of it and takes the massive damage nearly going down in one hit.

Shocked the party then watches as Sarah turns into Alie, the succubus that has been absent this entire time from the battle. She laughed and told the party they are fools and then proceeded to whistle, and from behind the tree comes Hurly fully restored. With two new enemies on the field the party found themselves in a difficult position as Hurly began to crush every one in his path. On top of all that Alie was capable of taking control of Fruitbat once with her charming gaze. With the parties resources running thin and with an immortal and a devil to fight things looked bleak. Just then though Oakley completed his ritual and unleashed his power. Realizing that wasting anymore time on the party would jeopardize their other missions in the Abbey. Alie ordered Hurly to disengage and enact his mission why she herself flew off to the main gate.

With only one Gityhanki left the party overcame him quickly. Just as Oakley arrived, looking as he has in his prime and wearing radiant platinum armor. Oakley told the group that Vestapalk was sited and would most likely be breaching the Abbey in a little bit. Oakley then suggested that they all together head to wherever Vestapalk arrives and deal with the green dragon right then and there. Agreeing the party headed toward the main gate to blunt the threat of Vestapalk.



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