Rebirth of Light

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Dinner with Krallix and the Death and Rebirth of Trevan

The group finds themselves in a difficult position, Krallix has asked to meet with the most important people in the area and that includes the party. With mixed feeling the group accepts the offer. Mere hours later the group finds that they have a message from Duke Sword, he asked of them to look out for a Swordmage that he had asked be assigned to their team. Grumbling about another new member the group sucked it up and waited. Four hours later and the group still did not hear from the Swordmage at the appropriate time and place. Fearing the worse the group headed out once more in order to find out what happened to their new wayward companion.

Upon arriving at town not to far from Hammerfast and the group stumbled on to a hostage situation. A man had taken four to five women hostage and was demanding for people to leave. Outside of the building though stood a female fire Genasi that resembled the description of their new companion. Oliver quickly suspected that she was in fact a succubus much to the chagrin of the rest of the group, still though the group decided to lend an had to the situation. After measuring the height of the window from the ground Fruitbat decided that he would pounce up into the window and take the out the man. This was a successful tactic but it left the headstrong barbarian alone with the hostages. As it turns out these females were assassins pretending to be hostages so that they could ambush the party. A fight ensued and the group managed to put an end to the threat. The villagers though were less then happy with a group of adventurers an town and shunned them afterwards.

After a little back and forth with their new comrade they discovered her name was Jerra and she was a fierce firecracker of a woman. After a quick rest at the village inn the group headed back to Hammerfast to parley with Krallix. Once there they noted that a new structure had been built in the middle of an open field not to far away from the city. Upon being noticed they were brought to the building by a group of Dwarves. Once inside Goldspinner, and Duke Sword welcomed them. Just then trumpets blared announcing the arrival of Krallix. As the dinner progressed the party learned of Krallix’s generals. The two from the Deathless Dragons were a big man named Atsuro and a small sickly man called Toshiro. Then there was also the notorious mercenary captain Blackadder who reveled in being vile. The leader of the Warforged troops was given the designation of Ransuer for the upcoming battle and the Draconian leader went by the name Draco. Also there was a Duergar there that called himself Embershard.

It was clear to all that Krallix was simply toying with the party and the rest at the dinner, as he kept dropping hints. Finally, as the meal concluded he announced that they had already lost the war and proceeded to leave the building. Not happy with this the group decides to launch a quick offensive but are stopped by the presence of a red dragon, Fruitbat quickly jump into action only to learn that the dragon is an illusion. During this time though Krallix made his way far away from the party. Slightly after the dinner the group learned that the nearby mountain strong hold had been sacked and that the gold hidden away there for the war was being stolen. Extremely upset by this Duke Sword order the group to the mountain to try to recover the gold and defend the Dwarves. Upon reaching the mountain the party found itself facing little to know resistance instead the found themselves being led to a large room. Realizing it was a trap the group continued on the path anyhow.

When they entered into the room their exit was cut off by a land slide caused by some Duergar, but before the group had the chance to deal with these enemies they faced off with a mechanical behemoth. What ensued was a battle that rocked the entire mountain as the party fought bravely and cautiously against the mechanical monstrosity. Finally, the final blow was landed against it. Feeling the need for a quick rest the group learned that wasn’t going to happen because the Duergar set off another of their traps that started to cause the area to collapse. The group tried valiantly to get ahead of the collapsing area but failed to do so. In the end it took hours for them to dig themselves out and when they did they came upon a ghastly sight. All of the Dwarves had been slaughtered by their attackers, and all the gold had been taken.

After rushing back, the party gave Duke Sword and Goldspinner the bad news. Both were saddened to hear of the loss of the Dwarves and worried over the loss of the gold. Duke Sword and Goldspinner then left and allowed the group to rest in one of the pavilion tents set up on the battlefield. Before leaving Duke Sword told Trevan that his master would be here with some fine fighters. Nearly eight hours later a commotion awoke the group that then rushed to see what it was. Outside lied a pile of bodies and Trevan’s master was among them. Rushing to his aid Trevan was warned by his dying master that the true enemies were not the Deathless Dragons but a mysterious group called the Go Doku. Feeling a slight loss from the death of his master Trevan and the rest decided to return to the pavilion and reflect on who this new enemy was.

While the bodies were being taken care off, a messenger arrived for Dragon’s Bane, not thinking anything of it the group opened the message with out having the full party there. A strange dimensional barrier opened up and sealed them all in it. Just then three of the Revengers teleported in and began a viscous assault on the group. Further, making things difficult a strange man appeared dressed in what Trevan recalls as the garb of the ninja, and he too began to attack the party. Fighting valiantly the group knew they could not win this fight, but figured they could take out some of their enemies just then Trevan was stroke done. This single action caused the rest of the Revengers to break off from their attack and escape. What now remained was the corpse of Trevan and two badly beaten members of Dragon’s Bane.

Trevan awoke to find himself in a strange hall, as he marched down it he saw flashes of his past. At the end of the hall loomed a massive figure. For the first time in his life Trevan lacked any words to say, the figure called himself Bane…. The god of war offered Trevan a second chance at life and more power. Trevan refused saying that he would rather be dead then serve Bane. Bane acknowledged this and left Trevan in the land of the dead. Meanwhile the aspect of one of Bane’s exarch’s made his presence known to Fruitbat, he offered to return Trevan to life and give Fruitbat more power than he had before. Agreeing to this Fruitbat increased in size, and his donned armor turned black. Trevan awoke alive and well, but angry at Fruitbat for making such a deal with Bane. Still he was glad to be alive again. With the rest of the party at a loss for words over the events that transpired, the group soldiers on, for on the marrow there is war.



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