Rebirth of Light

Short Recap

Things Happen

The world has advanced rapidly the party was able to achieve many great success as well as have some failures. In the end they were capable of ending the war but not without great loss. The brave if not dumb Fruitbat was laid low by Vehemens the Slayer in one on one combat. Also, the dark six revealed the truth of their plans and broke any control the Vale had on them. Finally, Charlie revealed she was actually Ioun and directly interfered with the preceding events costing her greatly. Never the less the party was able to move forward as heroes.

Ten years later and the world is in even greater peril. Trevon now the king of his own kingdom faces the threats of enemies from all sides. Nove Arkhosia from the west, the Iron Circle from the south and Karkoth from the east. Called forth to the the meeting of Nera, king Trevon set off on a new quest with some new allies and a few old ones.

Soon however, his new group would face a challenge they had never dreamed of. A giant glacier feel from the sky and crashed into the meeting killing many of the nobles there. A group calling themselves the greater elemental eyes appeared and pronounced doom on the entire planet. With time slipping away the group prepares themselves to face this challenge. Though many ask what deeper plot is a foot.

The group first traverses back the Vale and seeks to slay the blue dragon Stormbiter to take her crystal that can help bring about the end of the greater elemental eyes. Through a fierce fight the party won and got the crystal, though they would soon find the enemy a strange and difficult one to beat.

They first went to Storm Tower and attempted to climb it. They found the flying enemies in the tower to be more then a match for the party and if not for the aid of the Teifling elementalists powerful arcane powers the party would be dead. Finally they faced Amadia the mighty queen of the tower, but soon found they would be not match against her range. Luckily they were assisted by Valerous who channeled the divine might of his god to challenge the elemental. With her giving herself a handicap the party was able to win the day and to the surprise of their enemy seal her away in the crystal.

Now however, the party faced a new challenge the dreadful creature called the Black Reaper appeared on the coasts nearby. It’s power to absorb souls had caused it to become a mighty creature since they last fought. Taking a side track the party hunted it down. When they found it, they learned that their ally was unable to seal it. Now fighting for their lives the party learned the truth about the horrible creature. It had the ability to consume the souls within it once it is killed to evolve and become stronger. This adaptive evolution would have proved to much for the party had they not been able to activate the seal and trap the creature. However a Teifling stole the item and the party gave chase. The soon learned web within web existed as the Teifling’s allies were attacked and killed and the Teifling left it’s skin behind. The only thing known was a cloak man did the attacking and that the art called Ninjustu was used by the Teifling.

Now the mysteries build, danger and enemies lurk on all sides. Four more eyes remain and time is running short. The party now faces the most dangerous tasks set before them.



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