Rebirth of Light

What is happening in the world

Things get crazy.

So far these updates have focused on the players. However, there is lack of need to put an update out for the events that party carries out. Instead, I would like to now shift focus to the important NPC’s and events that are shaping the world.

Nentir Vale: Currently the Vale has been hit the hardest by the war against Karkoth, the Iron Circle and the Greater Elemental Eyes. The citizens of the Vale never fully recovered from the terrible four dragon war ten years ago. Much of the south of the Vale was left in ruins under the everlasting night of the sphere of darkness. Even after the darkness was dispelled the southern lands became a wasteland full of negative energy. Between this and the amount of people that died in the southern lands the whole area was ripe for necromatic activities. Karkoth had some agents hidden away during the time of the last war in the Vale and had those members set about claiming newly abandoned ruins as a base of operations. When Karkoth turned it’s eyes on to the Vale at the beginning of the war they had their minions unleash the terrible army of undead that they had been building over the last ten years on to the unsuspecting armies of the Vale lords.

In short this battle in the war should have been an easy one to win for Karkoth. What little remaining army the lords of the Vale could gather went south to deal with the Iron Circle and could not be pulled from the front lines with out risk of letting the Circle in. Also Mithralfast, which would have offered some protection on the eastern front was crushed right off the bat by the dreaded Iceking Halor. Unfortunately for Karkoth, they were not the only ones building up power for a push in the Vale over the past ten years. A young lord of the Vale named Zviad Silvermane has pushed to garner more power over the politics of the Vale. (Note more information on Zviad and his endeavors can be found in his section). Before the war began this lord was able to implement his plan to use his specially trained fighting force. Though small in number, this group is highly effective in combat. When the call came to defend the lands Zviad took control of home defense and has managed to gain several new footholds of power among the other Vale lords. Whispers abound in the Vale that if he manages to survive the war and if the Vale is secure from the threats of Karkoth and the Iron Circle that the lords of the Vale may have to award him the title of Grand Lord, which would literally give him control over the entire land.

Zviad forces are simply named the Steel Knights, though a second force has also been created to deal with the undead menace called the Dusk Wardens. The Wardens have been placed along a new border in the south slowing the march of the undead horde controlled by Karkoth. The Steel Knights have made moves among the populace ferreting out the hidden agents of Karkoth and the Iron Circle among the populace, as well as drive off invading forces from the north. Recently Zviad’s second in command Lord Miir has made a deal with the barbarian tribes of the north in order to lend some assistance. With the northern warriors and specialized forces working together the war at least in the Vale has come to a deadlock for all sides. However, Karkoth is at a disadvantage, since they need to spread their focus across multiple fronts.

The paladins of Gardmore Abbey have done there part to keep out intruders on the western front and to send some aid in driving back the undead in the south. Saf and his order of flying cavaliers have been given direct orders to take any monasteries located in the mountains near the Abbey and to fortify them to help form a border against the savage orc tribes. Gardmore itself has fortified it’s defenses and have sent most of the paladins out in order to help in the war against evil. Recently the followers of Haramathur have moved out, claiming to receive a divine call from the holiest of their order to settle land in the south. Even though the rest of the residence of Gardmore thought them crazy, they none the less wished them well and let them go.

Ironhide has seen battle of the eastern half of the Vale, he personally leads five hundred men out into the field of battle, striking against Karkoth invaders. With him are about twenty stout dwarves, each capable and strong fighters in their own right but in a group they become something to be feared. With their help he has secured the passages from the ancient city Mithralfast that enemies could still use to launch an attack from. He has also managed to keep the drow from launching a surprise attack from below. Despite a string of success, Ironhide knows that only one big push from Karkoth is needed in order to bring him and his men down, which would prove disastrous for the Vale holding the eastern front.

Nova Arkhosia:

With Vehemens gone his wife Ionia is in charge of the kingdom. She along with one of the fangs of the dragon and the twin silver dragons, oversee the running of the nations Vehemens took seventy-five percent of the nations forces to launch an attack on Karkoth. To some this may sound foolish, but due to the location of the nation, it is unlikely to see direct attack. However, even if it is to receive an attack many would be assailants would find Ionia more then a capable defender. Furthermore, the surrounding lands are protected by the twin silver dragons and their newest and most hated ally the adult blue dragon Skyripper who is a devout follower of Tiamat. With three dragons patrolling the skies of the newly reborn dragonborn nation many enemies have given pause as to how to assault the lands.


After a two day assault on the Temple of Elemental evil, Vehemens was able to conquer the notorious temple. With the temple under heel Vehemens launched a rapid fire assault into the lands of the Gorgon King, this assault was so brutal, quick and effective that the lands ruler has hidden himself away. Soon after that, Vehemens turned his eye on to the local barbarian tribes, he made overtures of a workable relationship to them by beating their strongest warriors in a duel. Though many of these tribes had made an agreement with Karkoth, Vehemens was able to change their minds by offering to let them have all the loot that he and his men pillage too, unless of course there are artifacts involved. Between this and the earlier besting of their warriors, the many tribes have thrown their support behind Vehemens giving him about five thousand more warriors.

Furios The Black has been given control of a small group of barbarians and violent psychopaths not fit to serve in the army proper. Their mission simple, burn and destroy all of the Karkoth shipping lanes. Leave no one left alive or unalive, even children and women are to be brought low. Furios has so far done a great job of this as he has broken many of the ships that were sending supplies to Karkoth’s forces on the main land. Due to the nature of the brutal attacks and the fact nothing is left, Karkoth has had trouble figuring out how to defend against Furios’s assault. Furthermore, Karkoth faces a dangerous situation with it’s ship lanes since they can provide little in the way of defense, because of the multiple dispersion of their forces.

When Karkoth heard of Nova Arkhosia launching a blitzkrieg surprise attack into their lands they never believed that this assault would be led by a paladin leading holy worshipers of Bahamut. Vehemens left the direct frontal assault to Valorus the Platinum knight. Valorus along with his host of two hundred paladins came as a shock to the undead heavy front line defense of Karkoth. The first skirmishes proved to be crushing defeats for the Karothian military as they rushed into the arms of holy smites. Moving quickly Valorus has pushed far into the lands of Karkoth with a plan in mind, he has acted as the spear head weakening the defense of the front line and drawing their attention to him. Though he has left foes at his back he has placed trust in Vehemens to leave an exit for him and his men.

The forces of Karkoth’s forces were not expecting a vicious assault at any point in time during their occupation of islands in the Eastern Midnight Sea. One night a storm came to the islands, a rather large one, many undead servants were washed away as well as more then fifteen boat were sunk by the storm. Many of the of higher ups located on the island felt it was just a irregular sea storm of sorts and never took extra precautions. After weeks of continue pounding they no longer think this is just seasonal weather. Keva Stormbringer is leading the assault on Karkoth in the Midnight seas. Her hit and run tactics work well because she is able to take the higher ground by flying. Her only real threat are the various high powered necromancers and the undead that patrol the sky on the backs of skeletal wyvrens. However, she has been given the assistance of Ryuu’s highly trained Draconians, who are proving themselves capable of guerrilla warfare. Now Karkoth faces the threat of an attack from behind their main forces in the Nentir Vale.

Vehemens plan is has been a simple one. Hit the enemy hard, quick and in as many places as possible. He has staggered the mighty nation of Karkoth, though he knows it will not last. Vehemens knows he does not have the forces to conquer the large nation of necromancers and even if he did he could not hold it with the forces he has. He also knows that Karkoth will not be flailing for much longer before it is able to mount a strong counter offensive and bring the Nova Akrhosian army to heel.
No Vehemens seeks to distract and to hurt the nation of Karkoth, giving it a wound he feels will never truly heal. He believes this because he knows that Karkoth is ruled by a group instead of a single power and these lords of Karkoth do not trust each other one bit. Despite being at war the weariness and distrust among the Karkothian rulers has kept them from using their full power as they all have been trying to conserve as much power as possible to prevent a coup from the others. However, with Nova Arkhosia moving into their lands many of the lords in front of his army will be forced to put more of their forces on the front line. When Vehemens pulls out of Karkoth it will only be after inflicting a heavy toll on these few lords. Soon after when the war is finished he hopes the in-fighting starts. Also, by showing the savage tribes that border Karkoth that the mighty nation is fat and rich with loot as well as not as greatly defended against such attacks, will lead the barbarians to become a thorn in Karkoth’s side for ages.

Vehemens is currently leading the bulk of his army down the same path that Valorus took. However, he is more then several days behind the paladin, this was done to catch many of the Karkothian troops in front of him in a dangerous ploy. The Karkothian troops decisions is a hard one do they turn their back on Vehemens to go after the paladins or do they turn and face him in combat, thus leaving themselves open to a counter attack from Valorus’s group. Another concern of the Karkothian troops is the punishment they will receive for failing to stop Valorus’s men from reaching their lords lands. This has caused the front line defense team to split it’s forces when they should be focusing on one front or another. The lords of Karkoth are starting to understand that their underlings in front of them are ill equipped for this type of combat and have started to marshal their death knights to provide them with a more experienced leadership.

Solaris: Hit hard by the recent attack by the Iron Circle and the attempted coup of rebels in the kingdom, Solaris has been struggling to stay afloat in the waves of war. With the help of King Trevan the kingdom got much needed resources with the iron golems and the new weapon called the mage spheres. The iron golems were sent north, along with the shadar-kai to deal with the incursion of undead. So far their mission has been a smashing success as the undead have little power on constructs and the shadar-kai or more then capable of dealing with undead threats. The south has been secured by Queen Lenna and her small group of mages. The spheres constructed by Dr. Steampunk have proven to be some of the most effective tools in dealing with the teifling warlocks. The sea is also clear for the time being due to a trade deal between Oliver Hood and the pirate lords of the sea. Still many of the kingdom are shaken and worried due to the recent fire in the capitol that scorched about thirty percent of it down and also set fire to the castle there. Furthermore, some are worried that their king has sent his most trusted and strongest subordinates on a fools errand for relics. Finally, with the king outside of the lands and Lenna no longer in the capitol either, some in the city feel as if they have been neglected. A strong voice though has been seen to help calm their fears, as the wandering priest of Ioun has down his best to educate the people to the happenings of the world.

What the people don’t know is that two items of great power have been recovered and are heading to the kingdom. The Axe of Dwarvish lords is making it’s way back to the lands along with three hundred dwarven paladins of Moradin. And another relics is closing in too….



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