Young Gifted Wizard


At the young age eighteen Addicus has been given the prestigious position as one of the head mages. With this rank Addicus has been given to command other wizards and sorcerers, much to the anger of those much older than him. Still Addicus has been proving himself as a gifted tactician and powerful magic wielder. His only weaknesses seem to be his closeness to his sister Gwyn and his inability to let himself take a rest.

When the party first met him, they learned that he had developed a plan to overcome the frozen lake Nen with a super charged fireball. Afterwards he helped the charge by maintaining a magical defense. The last the party saw him he was exhausted but still trying his best to keep on top of things.

As of now Addicus is still in the north, cleaning up some of the mess that remains. Though word has it he will soon be stationed in the south.


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