Angorg Stoneshield

That Dwarf just knocked down a fort!?!


Tough strong and steadfast, this dwarf calls on the powers of his goddesses. Angorg to many out side observers is a grumpy stone wall of power, those that know him however find him to be weirder than that. Known as the Warpriest of Erathis and Melora, he attempts to find a balance between civilization and the wilds. He is also known for his ability to communicate to stones.

Angorg has been adventuring for many years, along the way he has made many friends and more than a few enemies, never the less he seeks to preserve the balance between the natural and civilized worlds. When he travels now a days he does so alone or with one partner, often times he complains with being saddled with said partner, even more so if Raziel set him up with the person.

As far as power is concerned Angorg is capable of dealing out massive radiant damage, but mostly he focuses on defense. He earned the name stoneshield for his unwavering endurance against hordes of enemies that broke themselves on him. Also true to form he is adaptive enough to hunt down enemies too, he does so by speaking to the very land itself.

He is a friend to the group and wishes them well, though he often does so in a less than flattering way. Not that the war has begun with the dragons he has seemed to be absent along with Raziel

Angorg Stoneshield

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