Baron Victor Barren

Baron of the Rivers


The land of Victor Barren is a scattered regency. He owns a lot of establishments located on or near the Nentir River. Do to this his land is the most wide dispersed and largest out of all of the lords. With his influence he has tried to make trading via the river fair and safe.

Victor Barren can trace his lineage all the way back to the nobles of the Turathian empire. His ancestors lost the majority of their land when the kingdom fell, forcing them to move to little lots of land near the Nentir Vale. Victor Barren is a strong man in his late fifties, he is short with cropped grey hair and a clean shaven face. Known as a merchant lord he prefers to trade over fighting.

During the war he has made sure to help boost the coffers of the armies fighting against the dragons, while keeping out of the fight himself.

Baron Victor Barren

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