Barric Stonebringer

The Turtle Knight


In the Stonebringer there is one of Dwarf that is known for his toughness and stoutness that is above all others, his name is Barric. Unfortunately he is also the most eccentric of his clan. Swearing off ale and preferring wine, that is just one of his issues with fitting in to his clan. During the occupation of the Golden Savannah, the Stonebringer clan sat in their mountain strong holds defending themselves from the occasional attack. It wasn’t until Trevan came from the north and told him of his compact with Moradin did they shake off the moss and move forth. Which was something that made Barric very happy.

Barric himself during the time had taken to raiding the Iron Circle, though slow his band of Dwarves normally outlasted any chase that was given to them. Thus earning them the name of the turtle bandits. When he was finally allowed to fully strike out against his clan’s enemies he did so by marching on important trade routes and sitting there. This made it difficult for the enemy to get supplies to there people since they had to either go around into dangerous territory or try to pass. This turtle method worked throughout the war. It was do to his unconventionality in battle that drew the king’s attention to him.

After the war he sought to bring the Dwarves into the lands of the humans, which was no easy task. Many stayed in their mountains to the south, some moved back into the north to reclaim ancestral land. Those that did decide to go to the human lands did so mostly for work as they took pride in building the cities that the others would live in. Still Barric was able to convince is old crew and a few others and they settled into Solaria. Being of the Stonebringer clan, Barric was often sent to talk to the king about issues between Dwarves and humans. His new take on situations deeply impressed Lenna, who asked Trevan to elevate him to a position of the elite guard as a sign of unity. Thus Barric joined the royal guard.

Barric is unusual in many different ways. He dresses like a Dwarf but he doesn’t talk or carry himself like one. He is soft spoken and is prone to being emotional. He likes wine over ale, prefers light seasoning and isn’t very found of vegetables. On top of that he finds human and fey women to be more attractive then Dwarven women. Perhaps the strangest thing of all is that he wears his beard neatly short cropped and thin.

As far as looks go Barric is well kept with black hair and deep coal grey eyes. He likes to wear light and airy clothes in his downtime and his favorite color is coral. He is always kind and courteous to the ladies. He is has been given the duty of protecting the kings sister, a duty he thinks is silly since she is also apart of the elite guard. Still he finds the job pleasing since his kings sister is pleasing to look at he doesn’t complain.

Barric Stonebringer

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