Sly thief with style


Catseye is a former thief from the city of Fallcrest, she was gifted with both nimble fingers and gorgeous body. Both of which she used in order to get what she wanted. Eventually though Catseye got entangled in the Fell courts business and she found herself running for her life. A hit was placed on her set to the order of 2000 GP which is big money for small time folks. With her life on the line Catseye executed one more heist and left Fallcrest.

Traveling the Vale Catseye would put her talents to the test by joining with many different adventuring groups none of them lasted longer than an adventure or two. The causes varies, either she didn’t fit in, they found out who she was or some hit man showed up to collect the bounty. After years of bouncing around from one group to another Catseye met three other women seeking to form an alliance. Liking their style she agreed to join them, a week later she was joined by a new member named Lenna.

Catseye loves to show off her skills if she can pick a pocket or steal a treasure her or there she will. On top of her skills with taking things she also posses the ability to be very seductive, though as of late she has toned down on that aspect of her life. She has golden blonde hair tied back and emerald green eyes, her skin has gotten tan from the sun. She is the most stylish of the group changing outfits and wearing make up. Her favorite color is blue.



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