Dr. Steampunk

Warforged Gnome


Dr. Thieosis Grytsatallian Thumperwonp is a Gnome with a mission. To pretty much everyone he is called Dr. Steampunk. When he was younger Dr. Steampunk fell in love with machines, so much so he sought to become one himself. While other Gnomes studied the way of Illusions and base machinery, he instead sought out the power of artifice that would allow him to make magical machines. His knowledge got him invited at an early age to the machinery college of Nera and it was there that he found his love.

A machine core is a very dense mechanism that gathers primordial energy into it and allows for machines to function. This process works be breaking down the material components of matter into something that is termed as an atomic particle, with this process a small core can power a large machine, while a large core could potentially power the entire world.

Making it his dream to make a large scale machine core, Dr. Steampunk did every thing that he wasn’t supposed to do. This got him banned for the Machine College of Nera and placed on suspension from entering a place of higher education. Turning his back on those that he deemed uneducated Dr. Streampunk returned to his home a tiny island located off of Nerath populated by Gnomes. Upon his return Dr. Steampunk set up shop working on his large scale machine core and convincing the other Gnomes to go along with it.

Finally after years of completion Dr. Steampunk finished his core, before he activated it though he made sure to leave his island home and set up a remote activation method. The result is now known as the Leathe explosion which is believed to be a result from an underground volcano but was really caused by the machine core overloading. Disheartened by his failure but not the loss of life Dr. Steampunk set out to make a new machine core. In order to do this though he needed to gather wealth to fund his project, with this in mind he began to build inventions for the highest bidder. One of his favorite clients is the wealthy merchant Krallix

Dr. Steampunk

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