Duchess Myril Ironwood

Sleepy Duchess


Nicknamed the sleepy Duchess do to her appearance Myril Ironwood is actually always alert and astute. Born into the Ironwood family Myril had to fight hard to prove herself, do to her mixed heritage. Her mother an Elf, that was taken in by the family soon found herself in love with the heir to the family. Despite the love being forbidden her parents consummated their relationship whenever they could, soon after the her was with child. The two were never allowed to marry and her mother left her and the family at the age of five. Since then Myril has sought to prove herself above all the other members of her family, and with some hard work she was finally nominated and won the position of the head of the family.

The Ironwood family was known for creating magical fashion for the Turathian people. When the empire fell they took their magic in a more practical approach attempting to forge a new path and to survive. The Ironwood family has been known for putting out spell casters, because of this the family has many contacts with denizens of the feywild and magical schools across the land. There holdings are located near the Harken Forest.

Myril is a half-elf woman in her late forties, though she looks to be no older than her late teens. She posses deep black hair and hazy blue eyes. She always seems to have the expression on her face that makes it look like she is about to fall asleep, to counteract this look she has started wearing vibrant colored makeup. She is known for her sound mind and magical capabilities, she has been known to take time to walk among the people of her land listening to their problems. She has been sending aid where she can during the war, and is seeking Shadowmire’s whereabouts.


Duchess Myril Ironwood

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