Duke Attika Sword

The Warrior Duke


Attika Sword comes from the renowned Sword family which own large estates located by Hammerfast. Known for raising fighters and generals, the Sword family lives up to it’s namesake. Attika himself has been in training since his early youth, learning to master many forms of tactics and weapons. When it comes to war his strong arm and sharp mind is needed.

His family was not known for being a prominant one during the during the Bael Turath empire. They were however known for the their loyalty and suffered for it, when they refused to surrender during the fall of the empire. Since then they have spent many years attempting to rebuild their strength in order to help establish a new kingdom.

Attika Sword is a big man standing at Six and half feet tall, his presence is enhanced by his massive muscles. He is at the age of slightly less then fifty years. He has dark thick black hair and a massive beard. He is always seen with his sword, ax and bow wherever he goes. He prefers to lead his men and has been trying to root out where Krallix’s army is.

Duke Attika Sword

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