Duke Hollow

Strong, Charismatic and Sometimes Ruthless


Duke Hollow is a young man of twenty-nine, with pitch black shoulder length hair. His eyes are a amber brown and he wears dark blues and purples. It is said that he is skilled with almost all weapons and posses a knack with animals.

Duke Hollow is the fifth son of a second son of a minor noble house. During the war with the dragons, Isaac Hollow made a name for himself by traveling around attacking rogue bandits that prayed on the innocent people during the chaos. When he drew the ire of one of rogue king’s top assassins he was put in a game of cat and mouse, life and death. Emerging the victor, Isaac hollow went on to slay the rogue king. During the last days of the war he managed to with five other men hold of a rampaging horde of Warforged until reinforcements arrived to save them all.

After the war Isaac found that his entire family was slain during a surprise raid by some cultist that sought to uncover a magical item of some sort. Heartbroken but undaunted Isaac continued to make a name for himself even after the war was done. So impressive was he that he caught the eye of some of the Lords of the Vale that were seeking to promote one of the lesser established nobles to the status of Duke. So it came to be that two years after the war and at the age of 19 Isaac Hollow became Duke Hollow and was given lands to the south now called the accursed lands.

Eight years of hard work has paid of for Duke Hollow. He has become one of the premiere Lords of the Vale and possesses more land then when he started out with. He has begun to press for the unification of land and power in the Vale and seeks to revive the plane to create a true nation, which was dropped ten years ago. In order to establish this nation he has gathered many adventurers and have sent them into the accursed lands. Only those capable of surviving multiple trips are given the honor of becoming Templars of the Vale. A newly established police force that has the ability to enforce the law in any part of the Vale. This was not an easy task to get the other lords to sign off on but Duke Hollow was capable of doing it.

It is said that currently Duke Hollow has other plans in mind. He is worried about the Iron Circle making a move and the growing power of Nova Arkhosia in the West. This has made him start to take push faster and harder towards his goal. This also has led to his ruthless side coming out as he has begun to enforce his laws absolutely with power.

Duke Hollow

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