Master of Disguise, who could be any one.


Ninety years ago there was a Doppelganger assassin that went by the name Dupliss, his kill streak was well into the thousands and many people whispered in fear his name. It is said though that a stalwart group of adventures were capable of finally bringing him to justice and he was hung and shot full of arrows for his crime.

The Adventurers of today also faces a devious Doppelganger going by the name Dupliss, who always seems one step ahead of the party. Could he be the same person as before, a relative, or some one using the name of old in order to cause fear? Nobody seems to know and Dupliss isn’t saying.

Known actions taken against the party: Stealing documents, Using the party to further his plans, Framing Trevon for the murder of Lord Paige and the list goes on and on.


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