Poison and Explosion


Eteketh was a member of a group of Drow that got lost on the surface world. When the Adventurers stumbled on to his group a fight ensued. With the rest of his group dead, Eteketh was taken prisoner by the Adventurers and left in the care of their hirelings while they dealt with other business. Upon their return the group had found out that Eteketh tried to escape, enraged the Dragonborn Paladin of the group at the time nearly smashed in his head and left him to die in a cave filled with undead. Eteketh survived though, but just barely.

Since then he has joined forces with Varrius and his group, and serves as the scout and sniper of the group.

Eteketh is a slender Drow with a massive scar covering the middle of his forehead. He has piercing eyes and a deadly sense of urgency. He is most skilled with a bow and crossbow, but is decent with a rapier.


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