Furios the Black

The Black Rage, Bringer of Death and First Fang of the Dragon


A powerful Dragonborn Blackguard that server Tiamat, Furios the Black is a ominous addition to Nova Arkhosia. It is said that he will only take orders from Vehemens and snaps at any one else who attempts to give him a command. Strangely enough he is brother to the heroic Paladin Valorous. What can be said about Furios is that he serves Vehemens faithfully and brings the brunt of his power to bare on his enemies.

As far as personality is concerned Furios lives up to his earned name. He barely holds in check his rage and can snap at almost anyone. It is known that he has lashed out and killed some diplomatic ambassadors to Nova Arkhosia. Because of this he is kept away from guests. As far as power is concerned Furios has it in spades and often travels alone to crush those the oppose Vehemens will. When it comes to combat Furios works alone in less ordered to by Vehemens or when working closely with other followers of Tiamat.

Furios the Black

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