Gilford Morninglory

Warrior of the Light


Born in the lower parts of the Golden Savannah, that was under the rule of the Iron Circle, Gilford (Gil) came to become a prominent worship of Pelor. Seeking to rid the lands of the devil worshiping Iron Circle Gil, turned towards the martial practices of his religion. Becoming a priest of battle at the tender age of sixteen he would carry out his small guerrilla war with his allies. Things changed when Trevan marched from the north.

At first Gil hated Trevan and all he stood for. To Gil this new man was nothing more than an invader just like the Iron Circle. It did not matter to him that Trevan hailed from the same land as he, for all he saw was another enemy. Warning his brethren to avoid making deals with this new threat he was disheartened when not only a peace accord was struck but also that a kingdom would be formed under the hands of Trevan. Despising this Gil set off on his own, seeking to ride the lands of the influence of the Iron Circle by himself then and only then would people see reason. Along the way however he was captured and tortured.

It was during this imprisonment that he learned that many of the other prisoners were only maintaining hope because of Trevan’s troops march to the south. For Gil he felt that hope they felt was a misplaced one and still he sought to put his faith in Pelor. It was during this time he was given a dream of a sun crashing into the jail and burning away the evil. The next day Trevan personally rode upon the jail, carrying a flag with a bright brazen sun. With incredible speed the army broke through the enemies defense and feed the slaves.

Years later Gil reflected upon this as he traversed the land after the war. He saw that things were changing and that people were working to build something. Not wanting to be left out of this holy task, he went to Trevan and bent his knee. It was then that he decried that he could never truly except the king but he would serve him with all his heart. Touched by this conflicting statement Trevan elevated Gil from mere warrior cleric to the captain of the guard. Years later he would promote him to a station in his elite guard.

Gil is a strict man, he personally watches over Charles who is the heir to the throne and oversees his teachings. It is his hope that he can help Charles become a king that is able to hold tradition while making changes. He is stoutly protective of his ward and will bring down any one that he views as a threat. He is always forthright about his feelings and has even been known to chastise the royal family on their actions from time to time.

He is a shaved man with no facial hair, slight blond stubble can be seen however on the top of his head. He has piercing blue eyes, and wears heavy scale armor that is augmented with holy ruins. He never dresses up for any events and wheres the clothes of his station. Many people find him unnerving for he posses a strong personality and near fanatical belief in his religion.

Gilford Morninglory

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