Hebi (Snake)

Master of Snake Style


This slender unnerving man was a member of the assassin group called the Go Doku. Known as Hebi-Sama. This man fought in ways that made the skin of Dragonsbane crawl. Capable of slithering into opponets and wearing their flesh like a suit he attacked the party from many different angles. He first attacked during the long march, slowly killing off more and more people as the march went along driving the party to paranoia. He second appearance was in the cave to the red dragon. Once more his ability to climb into the skin of others saved his life. He finally met his end when he clashed in Merrick’s manor with the mighty Vehemens. Though a tricky foe in real life he was no match for the brutality of the Dragonborn.

Style Note:
Snake style is a fluid and twisting form of martial arts. It relies on making strikes to the vital points of the target. This can lead to sudden death if applied correctly to a weak target. The other parts of his skills included the ability to slide into a target and wear their flesh. This is a perfect ability for an assassin since it allows him to bypass some of the usual barriers used to prevent people from finding out his deception. Finally, the style encompasses the use of poison and rapid attacks that inflict lingering damage. When used correctly Hebi can take down a large group rather quickly.


Hebi (Snake)

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