Iodyia and Shadow

Twins of the Shadow


Born in Gloomwrought these twin sisters posses the ability to use a high amount of shadow magic. Seeking freedom of the Shadowfell, the two made a deal with a night hag. They were to perform a heist for her and return freedom. The heist went badly when Iodyia had a bit of conscious call and refused to steal the item during the heist. Because of this she was captured and sent to jail, but Shadow was capable of telling a group of adventurers the truth about her sister in order to free her.

The adventures got evidence of the hag and brought it too the local authorities and paid them, to take action. Iodyia was freed and the hag was captured and put to death, before she died though she called on her dark powers, wicked hatred and vile spirits to put a curse on the two twins. Iodyia was cursed to steal, and to make matters worse to lie in order to better achieve the path to steal an item. Shadow on the other hand was cursed only to talk to beings of darkness. With their curses locked firmly in place the two tried even harder to flee the Shadowfell. Finally the two managed to make their way to the natural world. Once there they were drawn to the Nentir Vale and met the Oracle and others that were cursed like them.

Recently the Oracle has sent them both out to help the party in Abbey, of course to do this Iodyia needed an item to steal, the Oracle asked for her to retrieve a broken sword in the crypt. Also the Oracle in her foresight gifted them both with items meant for the group especially. She told them to travel by way of the shadowfell and to help out the party as they needed it.

Iodyia and Shadow

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