The Glorious Dragon, The Purple Regent and Queen of Nova Arkhosia


Wife to Vehemens, she is a powerful Ardent that brings a sense of Euphoria to all those that she meets. Even by other races standers she is unearthly beautiful. Because of her way with words and her strong presence, she has become the spokesman for Nova Arkhosia to those that Vehemens can trust. She is the leader of the worshipers of Io and as such posses her own base of power. With her and Vehemens together they have managed to consolidate most of the groups in Nova Arkhosia as well as legitimize their claim.

She is kind and soft spoken, which is the opposite of her husband. When she needs something she lets her emotions sink into those around her putting them at ease this allows for her to use diplomacy over might. When in a fight she prefers to boost her allies strengths and shore up their weaknesses.


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