Quick witted Artificer


Born Jelianthe Leafshine, to the famous Leafshine family, Jelian was raised in the life of luxury. All of this though she hated. Being a hot spirited Eladrin among a stifling aristocratic family was to much for her, at the age of twenty and two she persuaded her family to allow her to train to be an Eladrin knight. At the age of twenty and eight she left the knighthood and instead took up training with those that marked themselves as Artificiers, a group of people that made formulas and were gifted in a new form of magic.

After years of training with them Jelian was finally free to go off on her own, changing her name and venturing forth out into the Vale. At first not much came from her adventures, she faced many a hardship and lost more then a few allies due to the hardships of the vale. Finally at the age of fifty and five Jelian decided to call it quits to the adventurers life and return to her homestead. Before she was given the chance too though she met Myshal, who was injured and badly wounded. Treating the wounded Deva, Jelian felt a certain sort of kinship with her. When the stranger awoke the two began to talk as the Deva’s wounds healed. Since that day the two have been fast friends working towards the dream of building their own group.

Jelian is a capable woman, she carries about her and air of sophistication. She is an Eladrin with pure purple eyes and she always wears her slightly blue hair long. She has strong graceful body befitting one with some training with the Eladrin knights.


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