Kage (Lizard)

Master of Lizard Stlye


This young man wears his black hair short and is dressed like a monk clad in black. Out of all of the Go Doku, Kage is the most spiritual of the group and is thus capable of casting a variety of Ninjustu spells. Because of this, he never engaged the party directly until forced to at the very end. When he did engage the group he set a very elaborate trap and made sure that they had to fight for every inch gained. He too, was killed by Vehemens.

Style Note:
The Lizard style focuses on attacks from different angles. That means that those that follow the style can climb on walls and attack from any direction. This nearly 360 angle of attacks make it hard to defend against. Kage however has the added bonus of using his skills with the mystical arts. This makes his attacks all the more dangerous because he controls his surroundings.


Kage (Lizard)

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