Keva Stormbringer

The Mistress of the Storm and Second Fang of the Dragon


Keva possess not only great charm but also unbridled physical strength. Because of this, Vehemens sends her out on missions of diplomacy and intimidation. Furthermore, she is a capable warrior and a fierce opponent in battle. It is said that there isn’t much that she cannot destroy with her tempest powers. Because of this she is greatly feared by those in and out of Nova Arkhosia.

Keva, is fierce and yet charming at the same time. She has a strong magnetic personality that can draw people to her. But like a raging storm she can blow those that oppose her with sheer will alone. When in diplomatic talks she will try the carrot first, but if things don’t go her way quickly she will resort to using the stick and her stick is a mighty one. In battle it is said that she annihilated a group of Stone Giants that would not allow passage through their lands by herself. She is apart of the group called The Fangs of the Dragon.

Keva Stormbringer

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