Insanely rich teifling, arch enemy to the party.


Krallix is a rich merchant, whose influence stretches far across the vale. His history is shrouded in mystery but one thing is certain he posses power and wealth to bring not only the Adventurers but also the vale to its knees.

When the Adventurers first learned of Krallix, they were nothing more than a small mercenary group looking for adventure. When they got word of a rich teifling being behind some of the recent happenings that they were involved in they sought him out. Little did they know that this one change in their directional path would lead to an epic adventure, full of intrigue and danger.

Krallix and the Adventurers first clashed in Fallcrest for the briefest of moments, it was more of a verbal assault than a physical fight, none the less the party felt like they could beat Krallix and his butler Sabre if only the two would stop fleeing. Finally the party got their chance and found out the hard way the butler is more than meets the eye and Krallix is a master martial combatant. Barely surviving the fight with Sabre and finally landing the killing blow against Krallix, the party was able to finally get some closure… or so they thought.

Through out their next adventures the Adventurers was haunted by the spectre of Krallix, where ever they went his name loomed. Whatever they did it wasn’t to far off from Krallix’s own plans. The party grew to hate him more now that he was dead then when he was alive. Luckily enough they had an amulet that he used to wear so they were capable of bypassing a majority of Krallix’s traps on his estates. Unfortunately for them, the amulet was also the key to revive Krallix, as they soon found out.

Once more among the living Krallix has wasted no time setting his plans in motion. What else is this fiend capable. Whatever it is, expect it to be big, bad and flashy.


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