Plucky go getter


Lenna is a former member of Tam’s crew, when she first met the party. Often shy Lenna sought to make friends with the group despite the slowly growing hostility between Tam’s group and the party. Both side were seeking to rebuild the Deck of Many things. Finally things went from bad to worse when Tam’s crew was ordered to terminate the party in the cellars of Gardmore’s Abbey. The fight ensued and Tam’s crew fell. Except for Lenna whose heart was not in the fight and one other companion that the party took alive to question. Lenna pleaded for her companions life and the party relented on executing the man on her behalf.

Since then Lenna has departed from her companion and traveled the Vale for a bit, along her travels she would meet a small group of females. Liking their style she has since joined up with them and formed the group Adamas.

Lenna is strong in magic and of the mind. She is often happy and naive, with a certain spirit that makes people smile. Lenna has raven black hair and almond colored eyes, her skin is always slightly pale even when she gets lots of sunshine.

During the course of the war Lenna went through a lot. She and Team Adamas were sent to the south early on during the war in order to prevent the lizard creatures from running wild. Two other groups joined Adamas in the south and they made for an effective three group team. It was during this time that she made sure to keep up on the news about Dragonsbane. She was over joyed to hear that all member made it out of Gardmore alive and well and having lived up to their name in slaying a dragon.

However these good times would not last long. For soon the war began to start in earnest. While stationed in the south Team Adamas learned that another prisoner was being delivered to the far north. This prisoner happened to be the brother of Myshal, the leader of Team Adamas. Driven by a need to see him, Myshal abandoned her post. Fearing that she would do something rash the rest of Adamas gave pursuit. However, they were told that if all members left there posts they would be labeled as traitors. With heavy hearts Lenna and Catseye stayed behind to keep the deal. Then things got worse, first Lenna got news that Trevan was dead, then the darkness fell. During the slaughter known as the endless night by the survivors, Lenna and Catseye nearly lost their lives.

Feeling ever the more depressed Lenna started to take more and more dangerous missions. Until she encountered Trevan alive and well. The glorious reunion between the two however was cut short, when Lenna was told that she and most of the other females would have to head to Harken Woods to deal with the Amazons there. After this adventure Lenna was captured by a mysterious stranger that tied her and Trevan together, making them feel each other’s pain. It was during this time the man took her to the prison in the north. After one last battle with some foes, Trevan and Lenna were once more reunited and this time for longer.

Ten Years Later….

After the war Lenna sought to help Trevan in his endeavors to bring peace to the people. With Dragonsbane no more and Team Adamas also going it’s separate ways Lenna and Trevan went it alone. During their journey south the two would come to understand each other better and even admit their feelings. Later the two where married and carried out the task of building a kingdom.

Lenna is know married to Trevan and they have four kids together. She has been made queen of this new and growing kingdom and she seeks to bring peace across the land. She has become even more gifted in the use of magic then she was before and has also become well regarded by other priests of Ioun. She has dedicated herself to the goddess who was once her friend and seeks to bring knowledge to all. Though seen by some as a foreign queen she has slowly become more loved. She rules with compassion and logic, seeking to aid her husband in rule of the kingdom.
Lenna acts more like a scholar than a queen however which sometimes makes it hard for her to enforce her decree on people. She is a doting if not absent minded mother.


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