Prefers Women


Linn is a female Changeling raised in a orphanage. As a child Linn often wondered who her parents were since she was not like the other children, as she found out at the age of eight when she shape shifted for the first time out of her human form. Burdened with questions as to who she was Linn spent much of her time learning to avoid the headmistresses and to sneak into places. One day Linn learned the truth, sneaking into the main office and crawling into a nook in the corner of the room she waited for hours listening to gossip. A stranger entered into the office and left a letter for the headmistresses. Unable to contain her curiosity she snatched the letter up and read it. The letter detailed a plan to leave some Changeling children in a certain set of orphanages in order to get them better accustomed to being human, and then when the time was right release them into the world to replace certain key figures deemed a threat. Horrified by what she read Linn fled the orphanage that very instant never to return.

Linn has spent the rest of her life wandering from town to town never really fitting in anywhere. At the age of fourteen she was hired on as an herbalist, which at the time was exciting until she found out that she would never be able to make something new under the watchful eye of her mentor. Finally once more she packed up and moved around the Vale selling her services as a wandering herbalist, and the occasional infiltrator. Through out her life she was never able to pick up any more on the trail about the plan seeking to use her.

Years later while traveling a lonely spot in the Vale Linn was besieged by two owlbears. Before any real damage could be done though two women descended from the sky on the back of a beast and drove away the owlbears. Thankful to them Linn asked if she could join. At first the two were cautious but after a few hours relented and allowed Linn to join them.

Linn is the herbalist, infiltrator and lech of the party. She will often change forms in order fit in where ever she goes but likes to try to stay female if at all possible. Linn has a penchant for being mischievous and using her newest concoctions on unsuspecting people.


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