Lord Frost

A man with an Icy stare.


Bearing the mark of his heritage Lord Frost is a Teifling of the Frost family. They used to be a prominent family in the area during the glory days of the empire. As such, they too were touched by the power of infernal magic. Lord Frost owns lands close to the Winterbole forest.

He is a strong powerfully built man with sleek horns, he posses hair frost tinged blue and dull orange eyes. An elegant speaker Frost has made his fortune through trade deals and land contracts, offering many of his families old land to new buyers to be developed. He is a capable artisan and a fearsome wielder of the cold.

When he last met the group he offered them thanks for killing Bitterstrike. He also offered them advice on how to deal with Lord Merrick. Lately he has been assisting the people of Frostblade and looking into an alliance with the frost giants of the north. It should also be noted that he has started to send some of his troops south.

Lord Frost

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