Lord Merrick

Pain in the ass


A minor lord from a minor house. Lord Merrick is none the less a power player, he possesses the ability to latch on to those more powerful then himself and feeds off their success. His family has land near Cairnspeak, and he is a cousin to the deceased Lord Paige. The company Merrick keeps is iffy to say the least, and he is often found of hanging around with Varrius.

He abominably hates the Adventurers even more so when they turned down his direct order. After this he has sought to be a pain in all their sides, even going so far as to confiscate gear meant for the party. He himself has been given field command over a large garrison of troops. He has straight blonde hair and copper brown eyes.

Lately he has been trying to protect his family’s holdings in the western front of the war but things have been going, so he has turned to Varrius for help.

Lord Merrick

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