Melody Dawngold

Favored of Heaven and Heretic of the Old Ways


Melody possesses golden hair and bright blue eyes similar to that of all her people. However he skin is slightly darker favoring an olive tan. She wears her hair long in four braids that dangle mid back. She prefers to wear as little clothing as possible since it limits her mobility, this means she is often in short slit skirts and gauze fabric tops. She favors the color gold and she worships Avandra above all else.

In regards to her relationship with her brother the king, she finds him annoying at times. Being free, fierce and independent she does not take kindly to him trying to protect her in any fashion. She is seen as being both wise and hot headed, often looking deeper into the matters of people and the words they say, while jumping into reckless abandon in the middle of the battlefield. In both regards she is a formidable and hard to deal with. She was promoted to one of the elite guard for the royal family. Taking it upon her self to help the queen, she is Lenna’s personal guard. The two have a distant but friendly relationship, often times neither of the two prying to hard into the others lives but still enjoying each other’s company.

Melody disregards a lot of the old ways (regarding gender, religion and government), this has angered some people that see her as a heretic and that her promotions are nothing more then the king’s way of promoting both family members to high positions. Despite her throwing the old ways she still clings to her peoples values and is distrustful of outsiders. More so if they are not human.

Melody Dawngold

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