Master of Centipede Style


This bald headed and fierce looking man is the leader of the Go Doku. His name is Mukade and he hits with an amazing force. He kept a low profile watching the rest of the Go Doku die one by one and did nothing to help. When finally encountered in Evard’s tower of shadows he revealed the reason why. He would return to the far west as the sole survivor and collect all the rewards himself. Furthermore, with the help of Dupliss he would move up from an assassin to being a king. When the party fought him they were taken aback by his speed and strength. It was easy to see why he was indeed to the leader of the group. However, things fell apart when Dupliss did not provide the aid that was needed in order to bring the group down and thus he was slain by Trevan.

Stlye Notes:
Centipede style relies on extreme speed and strength. Out of all the styles used by the other members of the Go Doku this is the most devastating. Mukade is capable of throwing rapid volleys of punches at a speed that causes the air to burst around him. When he hits a target like this it will shatter their defenses. On top of that the style requires that the practitioner to be able to move fast too. This allows for Mukade to weave in and out of frays of opponents so fast as to leave after images. Finally, the styles signature attack is the ability to throw a hundred punches to fast that it looks like only one punch is thrown. This attack causes serious damage to the targets body and can even break down adamantine


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