Poignant, Cautious Deva


Myshal has been reincarnated many times in different forms in this world as all Devas have. Myshal though had a life partner though, one she called her brother, a spirit bounded to hers. Many times the two were born in the same place at the same time and if not then their spirits called to each other. These two seemed inseparable, that is until one day Myshal’s brother turned on her and all that they had stood for. It was during this time that he struck her down and cut himself off from the great wheel.

Because of this when Myshal was reborn she was placed in great agony, a pain that tore at her body and her soul. For this she has been unable to forgive that man. Barely able to face life Myshal struggled the best that she could in the harsh environment of the Vale. With luck she was able to make it past the first few days as her power slowly came to her.

Since that day Myshal had been mistrustful of everyone she came across always expecting a betrayal. She had discovered ten years had passed since she was slain and that her brother was not only alive but was in the Vale too. Seeking revenge she confronted him, only to find out his powers had greatly grown and his skill with manipulating souls proved to much for her to overcome. In the end she had to retreat but still watched on from the shadows as her brother grew stronger.

Finally with little choice Myshal sought to gather those capable of bringing her brother down, but no matter who she asked or who she joined with, nothing could be done to stop her brothers ambitions. In the end this led to Myshal taking to many risks and she placed herself in position that left her open to attack by some violent bandits, barely surviving the encounter with them, she crawled off bleeding into the woods. It is at that moment she realized she was back were she started, clinging to survival in the harsh woods. Nearly giving up, she was rescued by an Eladrin woman.

Myshal is tall and strong, she glides as she moves. She tends to wear light colors and white. She can often be said to have a faded look to her.


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