Oracle of the Vale

Eyes of a lovely color...


The oracle is a young girl who has forsaken her original name. Gifted at birth with the ability of foresight, this was enhanced after a brush with death. At the age of sixteen she is the premier oracle of the vale, backed by a unique group of retainers and her personal bodyguard Rapier.

When the group first met the oracle it was after they were sent on a mission to rescue her from the clutches of an unknown entity. After finding her in the dungeons they learned that her eyes had been removed and was going to used in a ritual to give the new owner the ability to see the future. The group managed to retain her eyes and restore them to her. In a sign of thanks she allowed them to glimpse the future. It was then the group learned about the true threat to the Nentir Vale.

Since the the oracle has secluded herself away from everybody but has sent her loyal retainers out in the world to help out where they can.

Oracle of the Vale

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