Master Magician


Raziel is an Eladrin mage of renown, known throughout the Vale and even across the continent. Born to a prestigious family in the Feywild, Raziel spent many of his years crafting magic before attempting to carve his own path away from Feywild nobles.

Forty years ago Raziel joined with an adventuring group that sought to not only claim some wealth but also fame. It was during this time that the group would get caught up in the plans of cultist of Orcus who sought to raise one of his chief lieutenants as an undead monster. Though with great cost Raziel and his group prevailed though most of the original party of the group met a horrible fate.

During the mission Raziel and his groups employer was cursed, and brought to the brink of madness. The employer fearing not only death but the possibility of not leaving a legacy, left his entire business and estate to the most trust worthy of the group Raziel. After the employers death and the mission was complete Raziel quit adventuring for the time and tried his hand at running the shop. At first things went well for Raziel whose gifted intelligence allowed him to make a quick profit growth through highly strategical investments. Things started to become difficult though when people that the former owner owed money sought to sabotage the shop.

For a few years afterwards Raziel faced subterfuge at almost every corner of the operations. So much so that it took time away from him in his research. Stressed by this Raziel came up with the only plan that would allow him to return to his studies, he picked up adventuring again for a little bit an collected some extremely valuable treasure. Selling the treasure to the right buyers Raziel collected a fortune and simply bought out his competitors. With more shops in his name Raziel decided to turn many of them into magic shops that would sell adventurers there much needed gear.

Twenty years ago though Raziel stepped down from the position of owner of these shops and passed them on to some one he could trust. With all things in accord he set out once more into the world. This time he would visit some of the magical institutes across the land to both learn and teach. Thus it has been that the magical knowledge that Raziel posses has grown.

The party has met Raziel twice. The first time he showed off his powers by engaging them in illusions and seeing through the disguise of their one time partner a changeling with ease. It was at this point in time that Raziel warned the party that something was happening in the Vale and that they must be on guard. The second time the party met him was at the war banquet. It was here that he voiced concerns for releasing the Dark Six from their captivity. He also made note that he and Angorg would try their best to help in upcoming conflict but that they would not be their personally due to other obligations.

Since the war has started Raziel has been missing, though he has left some useful tools for those that fight against the dragons.


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