Apathetic, snarky, Tactical Warlord


“Trevan is the the oldest continuous member of the group now called Dragon’s Bane. He first joined a rag tag group of adventurers over a year ago and with a little tactics and a lot of dumb luck has been able to survive thus far.”

Trevan (Tr-eh-v-uh-n)

Trevan was created to fit in with the mercenary plot that was started last year. He is crude, but he gets jobs done. He is Neutral Good, meaning not so chaotic as to ignore orders, nor so lawful as to follow them by the book.

Obviously he read a lot of books, though why a lot of it was historical and not fictional may mean he was raised near a scholar’s library. As far as I can tell, his parents (Erik Sunbringer? and Marie nee Dawngold) are still alive in the Golden Savannah, though he has abandoned his family to the point of dropping his last name. This is from a form of racism derived from an OOC pattern. In the past I have made many D&D characters, that are all interconnected, usually by family name Trapspringer (though humans don’t usually have this name, and elf/halfelf/drow/highelf does). It appears that Trevan knows something about prejudices because of this; his own family shunned him because of his hair color (brown instead of blonde, which is the dominant gene in that land). As a result, he has broken ties with them, seeking his fortune to the north. He’s fine with still being connected by blood, but not by name for now… He doesn’t know he has a sister, Melody, who was born after he left.

Ironically, after being discriminated against himself, he too had become sort of racist. This is not to say he wouldn’t work with other races. Quite the opposite. He was more than happy to exploit their powers in battle. Even to the extent that he is still the only human on his team. Perhaps it is for the best. Human troops may appear in his eyes less expendable, and that might make him vulnerable, though he hasn’t shown it when minion troops die.

In spite of his tactics with other races, Trevan is Good. He will avoid working with evil people (Fruitbat being an exception) with perhaps the exception of an even worse common enemy. His studies in history have included religion to the extent of knowing which gods he will and won’t work for. To this point, they are: Kord, for tactics; Avandra, for Luck; and Ioun, for knowledge. He has found uses for these three on and off the battlefield. His faith was tested by Bane, but as he has told him directly, “My idea of war is not yours. War is not made for war’s own sake.” Though he still believes in the glory of war, and of course wants to be on the winning side of the most memorable war ever, he has changed his belief that this is enough. The war he wishes to fight will indeed have an end, and he wants a specific one.

Whatever side of that war he leads, it will first of all be his choice. This will be different from in the past where he has just taken orders from the local lords. Lords, or even Gods, will not deprive him of this ultimate choice. This doesn’t mean he won’t work for someone; but it will be someone of his choosing, not the other way around. Second, the side he chooses must have a great, almost unbeatable enemy, mostly likely ultimate good vs ultimate evil. Someone worthy of needing his leadership, and a worthy foe to obtain his desired glory. Third, the side he chooses must have a wish for peace after the war. He will not let this good vs evil struggle repeat under his watch. Note that he doesn’t want to end up as a king or other type of actual ruler. He wants to command their forces. This means his ruler must be someone he can respect and take orders from.

Finally, he has a separate, personal goal. He wants to continue his bloodline, and it has to be a human female. Aside from the bloodline issue, he also desires a sort of battle mate, a woman who can hold her own in the upcoming war. At the moment, he has taken an interest in Lenna, who has been in multiple rival adventuring parties. Lenna first intrigued him by resisting orders to fight his own group when they fought over the Deck of Many Things, and then asking for mercy for her ally that lived. This showed that she had a knowledge that she was on the wrong side, while at the same time maintaining loyalty to her allies. Their second meeting showed that she had finally chosen a good team, when she showed up as part of team Adamas. She even remembered him from before, and fondly (considering that he refused to attack her, and gave her chances to escape, that probably left an impression). This feeling of being welcomed by someone he had helped before touched his generally apathetic heart. Although they have separate paths, he is trying to keep track of her own adventures and hopefully keep communication lines open.

That is the extent of his bigger plans for the moment, but I would like to mention a few other things. First, “Christopher Walken Mage.” Since I still can’t recall the guy’s actual name, that is the term I use. This was an early ally of Trevan’s, who showed such impressive use of magic, and then self-sacrifice, that it caused Trevan to take some actual mage training after he disappeared. Trevan is convinced that a mage that powerful can’t be dead, and will continue to believe so until he is literally shown the body.

Then, we have the so-called Revengers. Trevan is the only member of the current party connected to this, but when his group were merely mercenaries, their methods of finishing missions were crude, and sometimes left casualties or worse, they let people live, trying to be merciful. In some cases, like Lenna, this worked in their favor. In others, it caused those left alive, or family members of those killed, to hate them. Some of them banded together against his group for revenge. In spite of them having killed him successfully once, he has saved their lives in return.

Other persons of interest to Trevan:
Charlie – a wealth of knowledge, that would be boring to almost anyone other than Trevan. A girl? Avatar of Ioun?
Krallix – so smug, just because he’s rich. We killed him once, we can do it again. And this time, take all his riches. And clothes… In hell?
Sabre – Krallix’s butler. He would make a strong ally…
Kenku – Caw, caw, a taunting crow-guy. Leave us alone!
Wu Peng- Trevan had some training under him in the ways of the East. recently deceased.
Albion – an evil thing with a peaceful name. Did you actually kill the mage?
Moradin- Trevan made a pact with the Dwarven God of Hearth and Home. Now if only it was a useful pact…

10 years later…
Concerning family:
Trevan returned with Lenna to his homeland, the Golden Savannah, a year after the Dragon War, to start a family and create their own improved country. They now have 4 children: Charles (8), Van (6), Christopher (4), and Melody (2, and the only daughter). Melody is named after Trevan’s newfound sister.

Concerning country:
Trevan, having refused a Dukedom, went south to the Golden Savannah, after 6 months of cleanup from the war. It took 2 years to route the Iron Circle forces occupying the Savannah, and assist both Pelor Warpriests and Charnvas(sp?) Dwarves of Moradin, but gaining these allies was necessary. With the Dwarves, Trevan fulfilled his pact with Moradin to gain a clan, the Stonebringers.

Trevan’s own people were divided in their opinions on him. They had heard of his exploits to the north, and some called him a hero. Others still had the old prejudices, especially after he gained power in his homeland. Lenna was able to charm some of them after a time, but there are still some who would rather see the land ruled by gold.

In spite of this, Trevan brought resources and allies, and developed the country with multiple cities and trade routes (wheat/grain, bread, beer, etc exports of savannah).

The primary city he created was the Capital, Solaria. A prime location on the Golden Bay to the northeast of the Savannah, it made for a good sea trade route that could skirt the north coast to a delta with a river leading to the Vale. It also borders the forest to the north, and is built with supplies from humans, dwarves, and elves working together (clay, stone, wood). The dwarves, having built a clan hold in the city, also assisted in adding palisades to the capitol. With all these races, many temples were needed to provide proper places to worship their gods. 5 were provided at pentagonal setting. Pelor, the primary god of the Golden Savannah, was given a massive cathedral. For Moradin, a clan hall and smithy, especially for Trevan’s dwarven allies. With the bounty of the savannah, a dwarven brewerywas also created, and a pub in honor of a fallen comrade was named the Fruitbat (with a special drink called the Charge!). For Lenna and Trevan’s dearly missed friend, the grand Charlie Library and temple of Ioun was founded. A paladin training hall created for Bahamut. And finally, an artisan street on the north end of town for the forest elves of Corellon.

The second city was appropriately named Second Port. Another merchantile city, this southern port was set up to continue sea trade to the south in the event that ships may eventually cross through southern lands, especially to Vailun.

Note that both north and south sea routes come close to Sea King territory, and since we don’t want to cause strife with that area of pirates, we have chosen to pay tributes to allow safe passage.

The third city was built out of necessity for safety, against the Iron Circle to the South. Thus, the militant Southern Wall was created.

The fourth city was as far west as the Golden Savannah reached, at the juncture of the southwest mountains and the northwest forest. Advent, the city of new adventures and connections, was created. Like Solaria, this city also connects dwarves and elves (here because of terrain).

Finally, with some of the cities spaced far apart for trade to reach them, a city near the center of the country was needed, and thus was created Meridian. Originally and still primarily a farming community, it has grown as a center for inland trade between the other cities.

Each of these cities has important leaders. The capitol has Trevan’s family. Second Port has a high priest of Ioun that has knowledge in trade. The Southern Wall is led by a (paladin, priest, or avenger) with military training. Advent has a chancellor for diplomatic negotiation between elves and dwarves of the area. Meridian has the most controversial leader, one of the previous Chiefs/Hunters of the area, with knowledge of the lands geography and politics. Not as trustworthy as the others, but still important, this leader was given an advisor who also doubles as a monitor to keep that power in check.

Trevan and his family has also been given a personal guard. The ones to note are his Inner Guard, four chosen personally by him. These include his younger sister Melody Dawngold, who had trained as an Avenger while he was a mercenary, and who he didn’t even know existed until he had returned; a local Warpriest of Pelor; a Nera elf ranger/hunter; and a dwarven defender representing Trevan’s Moradin clan of Stonebringer. Trevan has been trying to team up the defender with his sister to keep her safe; we’ll see how that goes…

Briefing on relations to other realms"
Karkoth: hope never to deal with.
Vailun: ally against common enemy.
Iron Circle: enemy.
Nerrath: part of their group.
Nera: risky resources.
Troll Haunt: avoid.
Thorund: trade.
Nentir Vale: trade, some allies.
Stonemarch, Winterbole: little trade.
Sea King’s realm: pay tribute for passage.
Zaarnath: attempt trade.
Nova Arkhosia: tenuous, attempt trade.


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