Ulric Grandbow

Master Bowman of Solaris


When Trevan returned to his homeland he first had to pass through the wild lands of Nera. This Gnoll infested land nearly proved to be his undoing if not for the help of Ulric. Ulric is an Elf that had lived in Nera his entire life, raised by a small group of wild Elves he had learned to survive in the lands of Nera. When he helped Trevan cross through the lands to the south he thought nothing of the someday king, however Trevan was greatly impressed by him.

During the last skirmishes against the Iron Circle in the Golden Savannah, Trevan called for a skilled hunter that would be capable of tracking down the enemy and helping assist his troops in subduing them. With this in mind he called for Ulric to provide him with assistance. Seeing this as his chance to finally leave Nera, Ulric took Trevan up in his offer and has provided aid.

Now years later Ulric has promoted to one of the elite guard that protects the kings family. He serves the best he can though he is still wild at heart at times. When need be he hunts deep into the lands of Nera, bringing back live monsters that can potentially be domesticated. Though a loner by nature and fierce in personality, he has taken an affection to the kings kids and looks over them. Because of this Ulric is the personal head guard for the children of Trevan.

Ulric forgoes wearing his moss colored hair long, instead choosing to crop it short. His eyes are the color of the autumn leaves and he wears armor colored the same as local foliage. Many people make not of his sleek, strong, muscled frame that marks him as a capable hunter. His favorite weapon of choice is the great bow which he uses to dangerous effect.

Ulric Grandbow

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