Valorus The Platinum Knight

Beacon of Nova Arkhosia


When Valorus joined Nova Arkhosia it sent ripples throughout many people curious as to what the fledgling nation was about. Seen as a shining pillar of nobility and a just knight of Bahamut Valorus was the most surprising addition to Vehemens forces. More so when people learn of the history of hatred and bloodshed that runs between Valorus and his brother Furios. As of late many Dragonborn that follow the path of justice have begun to migrate to Nova Arkhosia because of Valorus thus earning him the name the Beacon. It is whispered that he is more loyal to queen Ionia then he is to Vehemens. He is the fourth Fang of the Dragon.

As a paladin of order and justice, Valorus seeks to bring his new found adopted nation into the light. As such he comes he has begun peaceful diplomatic solutions within the nation in order to get the citizens to enact just laws. He has personally helped steer some of Vehemens harsher laws towards a more lenient path. As such, he is loved by the people. He is truly loyal to the nation however and will follow the order given by his lord and liege even if he hates to do them. In battle he locks down the most dangerous foe and forces him into a one on one battle. It is said that he has never shown fear in a battle but even he hesitates at the fought of a conformation with Vehemens.


Valorus The Platinum Knight

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