Slayer, Warduke, and King


Born to a scattered tribe of Dragonborn in the Eastern part of Nerath, Vehemens had to always fight for survival. His people, called the Durathian, claimed lineage from a legendary figure from history and sought to restore the power of Arkhosia. However this was a difficult task because they lacked leadership and the skills necessary to bring about their dream. Vehemens saw how his people lamented and lacked the direct leadership needed to become truly great. In order to foster this Vehemens challenged and slew all the other leaders of the Durathian leaders. This lead to a civil war among his people. Sickened by the politics and the endeavor for unity, Vehemens’ younger sister fled into the wild to hone her skills.

The war did not last for long however before Vehemens put down those that felt he was to young and reckless to lead. This force of law and turning a aimless group into a purposeful force drew the attention of Bane the tyrant God himself, he offered Vehemens a position in his ranks. Agreeing to this Vehemens embarked to subjugating the nearby areas to the will of his people. It was during this time that one of Bane’s exarchs offered to allow Vehemens to become the Warduke in the future. To this Vehemens agreed but put caution into the air and sought more information about the path he choose. A few years later he learned that in order to become the Warduke he would have to be the lone survivor of four other contestants. Soon after Vehemens began to plot.

With so many options coming to bare, he then sought a way to strengthen his claim over his people as well as put him once step closer to becoming the Warduke. This was accomplished when his people uncovered a temple of Arkhosia that detailed how those earned prestige in the old days of the Empire. Noting that one of the ways to prove worth is to slay and eat the heart of a chromatic dragon, Vehemens settled on that path since it would allow for him to gain a boon from both Bane and his people. Sending out spies he uncovered that the strongest dragon in the area was Shadowmire the black dragon of the Witchlight Fens. However said dragon always remained hidden. Not deterred, Vehemens would finally get his chance three years later.

The War of the Dragons had erupted in the Netir Vale. Many people and mercenaries gathered together to make their attack. Keeping an eye on as many groups of people possible, Vehemens noted that only one group was successful in dealing with the dragons. This group being the aptly named Dragonsbane. Biding his time in the eastern lands, Vehemens sent his group to the south to begin scouting. The plan was to meet up once Vehemens entered the swamp to the south and kill the dragon while Dragonsbane acted as a decoy. This however changed when the orb of darkness came into play. Now Vehemens would have to head into the Witchlight Fens with Dragonsbane in order to slay the dragon. At this point as he traveled west he came upon a Hobgoblin that seemed incapable of speaking it’s own name. This shifty person immediately put Vehemens on edge and was nearly killed when he decided that the Hobgoblin was a potential threat. Things changed however when both were ambushed by Clan Bloodspear orcs and worked together to take care of the problem. It was at this point in time that the two of them struck a deal.

First arriving at Gardmore Abbey the two were capable of impressing people with their sheer strength and ability to eliminate many of their threats. This however also put those like Saf on high alert, because at any time either one of these two could pose a danger. When an order was issued for assistance to be provided to Dragonsbane the two became the most likely candidates and thus where sent. This all worked according to Vehemens plan. Finally, he met up with and joined with Dragonsbane. He instantly butted heads with Fruitbat and made the Witch Alister highly nervous. Still the group decided to work with him once he proved himself useful. As the party headed into the Fens, Vehemens made the suggestion that the newly named Hobgoblin now called Hobs go on ahead to act like a distraction. Little did the party know that they were a distraction for Hobs as was the deal him and Vehemens struck. During their adventures together Vehemens was capable of earning the respect of his fellow comrades, this however did not stop some members from hating him.

Watching Fruitbat carefully throughout their journeys. Vehemens was thrilled to find one of his three rivals for the title of Warduke in front of him. He became more aware of his advantage when he learned that the stalwart Barbarian was an idiot. With this in mind Vehemens his true intent. During the fights in the Fens, Vehemens and Trevan discovered and then awoke a Warforged. When awakened he designated himself a weapon for Arkhosia and that his name was Azm. He then imprinted Vehemens and Trevan as his leaders. Following this, Dragonsbane began to disintegrate a little in teamwork. Alister the witch did not like that leadership duties fell increasingly on the shoulders of Vehemens, and sought to challenge him at every turn, Fruitbat hated him as rival and an arrogant jerk, and the Drow was casting doubt on whether any one could be trusted. None the less Vehemens was able to keep his cover during these dark times and even managed to achieve his first go by helping slay the black dragon and then feasting on his heart.

With the first task complete Vehemens needed to finish one more task before he could leave and that was to challenge and murder Fruitbat. With Alister dead and no one else willing to step in between the two, Vehemens challenged the Barbarian to a duel. It was during this viscous but all to short fight that Vehemens revealed that he too serves Bane, right before he cut off Fruitbat’s legs and arms. With one rival dead, the dragon’s blood pounding through his veins and the power of his god coursing through him, Vehemens was able to finally claim his right. Before he left the group he offered people to join him, mainly Trevan and Azm. The first turned his offer down but the latter decided that with Vehemens he could bring back Arkhosia. After that Vehemens met up with his people and headed east.

Ten Years Later….

Vehemens has been busy over these last ten years. He has been able to gather support from many different groups of Dragonborn. Because, of his mission and the way he rules things rumor has it that not every group is happy with the way he runs things. He however rules with a fair hand though an iron one. He has married a powerful follower of Io called Ionia and has thus consolidated two groups powers into one, as well as give his monarchy legitimacy. Currently he has gathered a group of four powerful Dragonborn, who under his leadership are called the four fangs of the dragon.


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